Trump’s Ex Jew Doctor Claims Trump’s Men “Raided” His Office to “Steal” His Medical Files

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2018

This Jew looks legit. We can trust whatever he says.

One thing that all White men must know, is to never trust a Jew – even if you maintain a friendly relationship with a Jew for decades, they will screw you over at the first opportunity if they ever feel doing so would be in the interest of Jewry. Hell, they’ll do it for laughs, too, if they can get away with it.

Trump is in the process of learning this lesson now. He’s maintained relationships with Jews all his life, and expected that those individual Jews would remain loyal to him even through his transition to a right-wing political figure.

Big mistake.


Dr. Harold Bornstein, who served as President Donald Trump’s physician for more than three decades, told CNN on Tuesday that he was “robbed” when a White House aide arrived at his practice and retrieved the President’s medical records more than a year ago. The White House and a source familiar with the incident deny that account.

“I’ve been waiting, humiliated, for an entire year,” he told CNN’s Alex Marquardt outside his Park Avenue office. “How would you feel if you cared for someone for 35 years, they came and robbed your office?”

This is so sad.

This brave kike cared for Trump for 35 years, and how was he repaid?

By mercilessly requesting a copy of his medical files.


Do the goyim have no heart?

No, but seriously, even for a Jew, this is some next-level drama mongering. Bornstein is acting like the White House taking a copy of the President’s medical files is some kind of catastrophic, traumatizing event he’ll never recover from.

The White House and a separate source familiar with the handover of Trump’s medical records disputed Bornstein’s description of the incident as a “raid.”

“As is standard operating procedure, the White House Medical Unit took possession of the President’s medical records,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters during an afternoon briefing.

Yeah, it’s standard procedure, obviously. This stuff needs to be known by the White house staff and the secret services, as a matter of national security.

But more importantly, the move was prompted by the fact that Bornstein was mouthing off to the media about Trump’s medical history without authorization.

Early last year, this person said, Trump saw or heard his former doctor talking about his medical history and asked that his medical records be retrieved from Bornstein’s office.

“I felt raped.” – Bornstein.

In his NBC interview, the New York doctor claimed the records incident occurred on February 3, 2017, two days after he had told The New York Times that Trump takes Propecia, a prostate drug often prescribed for hair loss.

“I couldn’t believe anybody was making a big deal out of a drug to grow his hair that seemed to be so important. And it certainly was not a breach of medical trust to tell somebody they take Propecia to grow their hair. What’s the matter with that?” he told NBC News.

Yeah I’m pretty sure doctors aren’t supposed to be mouthing off about what medicines you’ve been prescribed to the press in order to publicly humiliate you. That definitely is a “breach of medical trust,” you fucking kike weasel.

Considering how he spouted off secret information to the media in order to hurt Trump, who’s to say he wouldn’t give the information to America’s enemies as well? Seizing those files was definitely the right thing to do. And Bornstein should consider himself lucky not to be sued for breach of medical ethics.