Trump’s Jew Lawyer Taped Conversations with Him About Stormy Daniels

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2018

So Trump, bro.

We’ve warned you about this.

We’ve said “with Jews, you lose.”

It’s easy to remember because it rhymes.

Fox News:

President Trump on Saturday described former lawyer Michael Cohen’s taping of a private conversation between them as “totally unheard of & perhaps illegal,” but he reassured supporters that he has done nothing wrong.

Trump did not mention Cohen by name but appeared to be responding to reports that Cohen recorded a conversation with him in September 2016 in which they discussed possible payments to former Playboy model Karen McDougal — who claimed she had an affair with Trump in 2006.

The New York Times first reported that the FBI seized the recording during the raid earlier this year on Cohen’s office as part of an investigation into the former Trump lawyer’s payments to women to shut down stories about his client leading up to the 2016 election — a practice known as “catch-and-kill.” Fox News has confirmed the details of the tape.

On Saturday, Trump appeared to slam both the FBI raid and Cohen’s behavior as “inconceivable.”

“Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer’s office (early in the morning) – almost unheard of,” he tweeted. “Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client – totally unheard of & perhaps illegal.”

What possible reason could this Jew have had to tape you, other than to harm you?

And this is not “I’m mad he didn’t give me a position in the administration, so I’m taking revenge,” like with the thing he’s allegedly doing with Tom Arnold.

This is pre-planning to either blackmail you for money, or use it to help his tribe – way before any perceived “snub.”

This is a man you worked with closely and took care of for decades.

No individual of any other race would do this – that is a fact, Mr. President.

You need to think this through. Long and hard.

Because you’ve got more of these people around you.

Kushner is pretty much publicly plotting to undermine and destroy you.

Miller has done absolutely nothing wrong, and could be some kind of magical good Jew. It’s a thing which is technically possible.

But did Cohen do anything to try to screw you, before he suddenly attacked, and then you found out he secretly recorded your conversations, probably illegally?

Isn’t it better to be on the safe side here? 

Re: The Tape Itself

Trump hasn’t testified to anything, it doesn’t matter what is on the tape.

Even if he says “nigger-fucking whore wasn’t worth 14 dollars, let alone $140,000.”

I mean, it would suck for his family if he was on record admitting to cheating on Melania in the early months of his marriage as is the claim here, but I seriously doubt he admitted to anything. And the timeline doesn’t matter. If he knew about the payment beforehand, it doesn’t matter.

None of this matters.

The Jew media really is the boy who cried wolf incarnate. They have made so much shit up, then if Trump gets caught in some little thing, no on will even know the difference.

Plus, everyone knows this going after porn stars and tax violations is bottom of the barrel shit. They’re still claiming he worked with Putin to fake the election or whatever, but the only thing they are even attempting to prove is porno tax nonsense, which is all the fault of a scummy Jew lawyer, even if Trump did screw something up.