Trump’s Tweet Saves Whites in South Africa!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

Few of the pleas for help that the Boer had sent off had returned as yet. One reached Trump, though. One found the White House, and a President who still cared.

Daily Mail:

South Africa has withdrawn its white farmland redistribution bill – six days after Donald Trump warned he was closely studying the situation.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) said the bill passed by parliament in 2016 enabling the state to make compulsory purchases of land to redress racial disparities in land ownership needed further consideration.

It comes after Trump criticised the country’s land reform plans in a tweet that touched on the overwhelmingly white ownership of farmland in South Africa – one of the most sensitive issues in the country’s post-apartheid history. 

This is the power of the President’s twitter. Bathe in its awesome power.

It is said that Trump once said, after the Great Freeze, standing with his advisers atop his great Southern Wall:

“There is where I’ll find the foe that I was born to fight”

It is also said that upon meeting the King in the East, Putimir of the KGB, the first of his name, leader of the Slavs and the Eastern Alliance, Trump’s finger strayed south on the map.

With a rap of his knuckle, he said, “The more we bleed each other, the weaker we shall all be when the real enemy falls upon us. When the warm musky southern winds rise, we shall live or die together. It is time we made alliance against our common foe. The ancient enemy. The only enemy that matters. Demons made of black skin and yellow eyes and ebola.”

Here the chronicler’s accounts begin to diverge. Scholars are still piecing together what happened next. But the Great Northern Alliance ended up triumphing over the demonic southern hordes, once the Witch of the Isles and the Spider Queen of the Black Forest were toppled and their people freed from the evil spell that they had cast.

Soon after, the estranged peoples became one, united under the Banner of the Three-Headed White Eagle. And a new dynasty of Emperors was formed.

We live now in the days of the God Emperor’s Peace.

The Southron horde can only be found in a few sandy mountain redoubts in the Brown Lands and scattered steamy jungles on the Dark Continent. Over in the New World, settlers man the forts around the jungles, where it is rumored that scattered tribes of head-choppers still exist.

But all eyes are on the new flotilla being assembled in the new Imperial capital, in the newly formed Huwhytinakai Empire.

The great heir, who has been preparing for this day for his entire life has finally come forth and laid claim to the solar system.

His father, who is known to his people as “The Baron of the North,” decided to send his son to begin colonizing the stars more than a century ago. And his mother, the immortal Snow Oracle, has already blessed the fleet and tasked them with bringing righteous punishment on the rebel Hebsuni’s who fled Earth during the Emperor’s Cleansing and set up a base of operation on Saturn. On the young prince’s shoulders rests the sacred mission of returning the solar system to the rightful control of the Huwhyinaki peoples and the God Emperor’s family.

“Come back with a planet, or don’t come back at all,” court insiders say the Snow Oracle told her son.

The Prince has to move fast. The Commonwealth of Mars is now under constant attack by Hebsunni raiders and slavers. The Kingdom-Moons of Europa and Titan have already fallen.

Upon decree of the Sisters of the God Empress, it has been decided that the calendar will be reset on the day that the flotilla leaves the atmosphere. All dates will read 1-PE (Post-Earth) once the flotilla leaves the atmosphere. All Imperial citizens are expected to tweet and share the livestream, although leaving a “like” is optional, it is highly encouraged.