TSA Employee Jumps to His Death Off of Airport Hotel Balcony, Airport Stops Flights

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

Why would you stop flights over a suicide?

What does suicide have to do with security?

Did they think a terrorist threw him off the balcony like something from the show 24?

“Abdul bin Jihadi just threw a TSA official of the balcony. I’m gonna need you to shut down the airport while I torture him. We’ve only got 74 seconds, I’m going to shove a towel down his throat and pull out the stomach lining to get him to tell me where the bomb is.”

Ridiculous country.

Orlando Sentinel:

A Transportation Security Administration officer died Saturday after police said he jumped from a Hyatt Regency Hotel balcony into an open area inside the Orlando International Airport.

The man, who was in his 40s, had just clocked out of work, TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said. He was in critical condition when police arrived and died at a hospital.

Aw jeez, the fall didn’t kill him.

So much for suicide being painless.

How do you screw that up?

Head first, lad.

Head first.

The incident happened about 9:30 a.m. near the east checkpoint, which funnels to gates 70 through 129, airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell said in a statement.

The sight sent “a wave of screams” through the atrium, said Cathy Imburgia, who was in line for TSA PreCheck when the incident happened.

“There were children in line,” she said. “It was awful.”


Should toughen the little fuckers up.

We got a bunch of bitches in this country, seeing a man splatter on the ground in front of their faces is good for them.

In the ensuing chaos, some passengers scattered into the area beyond the security checkpoint, Koshetz said.

Meanwhile, all flights to and from gates 70 through 129 were halted and some passengers already on board were asked to deplane.

Southwest Airlines had canceled 49 arriving flights and 45 departing flights by Saturday afternoon, according to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Upstairs, the confusion sparked rumors among hotel guests of a bomb threat or shooting, said James Shaw, who is staying at the Hyatt this weekend while his 6-year-old daughter competes in a dance competition there.

While Shaw was making his way back from his hotel room on the 10th floor to the competition, he said he walked past the officer, who was standing on the balcony ledge.

He said he assumed the man was looking for something.

“At first I thought it was strange, like anyone would,” said Shaw, of Safety Harbor.

When Shaw stepped out of the elevator on the fourth floor, “that’s when you heard the boom,” he said.

“I can’t believe I didn’t say anything to him,” Shaw said. “I was 4 feet from him… I thought he was there for a reason.”

He was there for a reason alright.

Don’t be a little bitch, James.

Life isn’t a romantic comedy.

Some shit isn’t your fucking business, and saying something to a stranger who is committing suicide is one of those things.

Some local politicians took to social media Saturday, offering condolences to airport workers and the man’s family.

U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Winter Park, recognized the security officers for having “some of the toughest jobs… these public servants often sacrifice a lot in order to keep us safe at our nation’s airports.”

lol yeah, he killed himself because the job of working for the TSA is tough. One of the toughest jobs, getting paid $40,000 a year with total government benefits on a high school diploma (or GED) to stand around and remind people to take their shoes off.

Is this bitch black?

Let me just get my googles out here…

No, not sure what she is. A Filipina married to an Irishman, I would assume. Though that wouldn’t explain why her first name is “Stephanie.”

Is it worth actually going and checking the Wiki page? I don’t think it is. But now I’m curious.

Okay, I’ll go do it. Hold on, let me just open a new tab here…



Stephanie Murphy was born Đặng Thị Ngọc Dung on September 16, 1978, in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), Vietnam. Her family fled Communist-controlled Vietnam in 1979 when she was six months old. Their boat ran out of fuel and they were rescued by the United States Navy while at sea. They settled in Northern Virginia, where she grew up.

Murphy and her husband, Sean, have two children.


Yeah, that explains all of that.

Vietnamese are the ultra-conformists of the ultra-conformists. I can just picture her parents going through and finding all of the most white-sounding names conceivable for his family members and settling on “Stephanie” for their daughter Dang Thi Ngoc. And I called it re: the yellow fever Irishman.

“Maybe he die because he feeling sad because his job is giving him much hard times” is a thought only a gook could think of after seeing a 40-something man jump off a balcony.

The rest of us know it’s because his wife left him and took the kids.

Fuck, man.

Welcome to America.