Tucker Addresses the Elephant in the Room: Trump is Doing the Opposite of What He was Elected to Do

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2019

On Thursday night, Tucker finally addressed the elephant in the room: the fact that Donald Trump is now doing the opposite of what he ran on, along with a bunch of random insane things that make no sense.

Tucker has generally been avoiding talking about Trump directly for the last few months. He framed this in terms of “what if he wants to lose in 2020?”

He points out six things Trump would do if he was trying to lose on purpose:

  1. Propose cutting medicare by half a billion dollars
  2. Slash funding for the e-verify program
  3. Call for the importation of more low-skill workers
  4. Release a bunch of drug dealers back on the streets in the middle of the worst drug epidemic in history
  5. Continue the military adventure in Syria
  6. Propose a raise on gas taxes

And of course, those are all things he’s already done.

This “maybe he actually wants to lose?” is a frame Tucker is putting out there to criticize Trump’s behavior in a way that doesn’t completely trigger the regular Fox News audience that worships Trump.

It is a way to get the wheels turning in their heads. Not a serious idea about what is actually going on with Trump.

Because none of those six things were Trump’s idea – they are all directly from Jared Kushner and the rest of the rats around him.

It is possible that Kushner wants him to lose in 2020. I don’t know that this is true, but it is possible.

But if Trump was actually in control, and decided he didn’t want to do another term, he could easily just come out and say that, and endorse another candidate for 2020, which would mean he would have a chance of not being personally destroyed when he leaves office.

Because if Kamala or Biden or whoever comes in, they are absolutely going to allow the Southern District of New York to completely destroy Trump’s financial empire, and maybe actually just hand all the wealth over to Jared Kushner. Even if they don’t send him to prison, there is zero chance that they are just going to let him go back to living the high life as a business mogul in New York City.

No matter how hard he cucks, it just doesn’t matter. There isn’t going to be any forgiveness. The entire Democrat Party platform is based on attacking Trump, so they will have to destroy him once they’re in office in order to keep their base satisfied. And they lose nothing by doing so.

The important thing is that unless you’re an emotionally volatile boomer, it shouldn’t matter why Trump is doing what he is doing. What matters are the effects of it, and that it is actually happening in real life.

If it is some convoluted plot to purposefully lose the 2020 election, that wouldn’t change anything. All of this stuff would still be happening as it is happening.

I’m glad that Tucker finally said it however, and this framing doesn’t bother me. He is just doing his best to get people to look at what is going on without triggering them emotionally.

And it is what it is. What is happening is what is happening. It doesn’t matter how you frame it.

It will be interesting to see where Tucker goes from here with the Trump stuff. He is the singular individual on television who cares what happens to this country and her people. What he says matters a lot.