Tucker Carlson Dog Whistles America First Movement After Battle of UCLA

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

There was much talk about what Tucker Carlson would say on Monday night, his first show after the Battle of UCLA, when Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump Jr. were routed by Groyper Forward Deployment Corps, Los Angeles Division, and forced to flee the stage after refusing to answer questions.

As it happened, he did not directly address the incident itself, but instead dog whistled it via a proxy in a segment abut Uber laying off Americans to replace them with foreign scabs.

I’m not upset that Tucker didn’t want to talk negatively about the president’s son. Don Jr. isn’t really the bad guy here. He was simply aligned with a bad guy, maybe without his own knowledge.

But I personally think he could have said “Don Jr. isn’t really the bad guy here” and still pretty easily talked about the event.

Instead we got another dog whistle.

He said:

There’s bipartisan consensus in Washington that we desperately need smart people from overseas to do the jobs that Americans are too badly educated to do. No reason to fix our schools or make sure higher education is serious and non-frivolous, we can just import people from countries that take education seriously. And that’s what we do. That’s why the US government passes out foreign worker visas to allow corporations to replace people like you with people who live six thousand miles away.

Now, you probably haven’t even heard of the “F1 Optional Practical Training Program,” but in just four years from 2009 to 2013, that program replaced nearly half a million American jobs. The program allows foreign students who go to American universities to stay in the country after they graduate. In other words, “we’re just gonna staple a green card to their diploma.” You probably heard that phrase recently. 

Yeah, Tucker, I get it – we’ve heard that phrase from Charlie Kirk. Except, most of your audience didn’t hear that phrase from Charlie Kirk, and probably doesn’t even know who Charlie Kirk is, let alone the power that his organization wields in Washington.

So I mean…

Okay, boomer.

Thanks for that.

I get the dog whistle, we all get the dog whistle. But we were hoping for a little bit more than that.

This would have been a very, very easy opportunity to come out and say “young Americans voted for the first time for an end to immigration and foreign wars, and what they were given was a convoluted war against socialism, and they are unhappy with what they view as a bait and switch” – or something along those lines.


He also certainly had the option to bring Michelle Malkin in to say it for him. In fact, while he was doing the show, she was shouting out Nick Fuentes at Lock Haven University.

Maybe she didn’t have time to prerecord the interview, what with going to the event, and she’ll be on later this week.

I sure hope so.