Tucker Carlson in Deep Trouble After Refusing to Believe White Supremacy Lie

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2019

Tucker Carlson has gone too far in refusing to bend the knee to the crazy White Supremacy hoax. Now, more Woke Capital is pulling out of his show and refusing to run ads.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Amid the backlash to the host calling white supremacy a “hoax,” Nestlé confirmed that it won’t advertise on his Fox News show in the future.

Tucker Carlson, who abruptly announced plans for a vacation at the end of his Fox News show on Wednesday night, will not be hosting Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday. But he’s surely hoping the show will feature a full load of advertisements, two days after he incited a fervent online backlash with a monologue dismissing the prevalence of white supremacy.

With the country still reeling from an apparently racism-inspired shooting in Texas on Saturday, Carlson called white supremacy a “hoax” and said “it is actually not a real problem in America.” He also called it “a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power.”

Carlson’s remarks were swiftly condemned amid a new call for advertisers to back away from his primetime show.

His Wednesday night show featured an advertising load (27 spots) that was in line with his previous week of shows (26 per night), though the episode leaned more heavily on so-called house ads for Fox programming, featuring nine such ads compared with an average of 5.4 for the previous week.

But, broadly speaking, Carlson’s show has not seen the advertiser exodus he withstood in December, after he said that immigration makes the U.S. “dirtier,” costing him more than 26 sponsors.

One major brand that advertised on Wednesday night’s show, the meal kit service HelloFresh, said the spot “was placed through a remnant inventory advertising purchase.” A spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that “this remainder buy is now complete and the ad is no longer running.”

This “break” before a firing thing happened to Bill O’Riley. They’re saying it was pre-planned, but it’s still ominous. It’s very likely the decision to fire him has already been made and they’re just waiting to announce it.

Or maybe not.

Maybe he’ll make it a while longer.

But he certainly isn’t going to last much longer.

Tucker can’t survive the next mass shooting – which seems to be inevitable at this point.

Let’s go down a list of possible pressures that can be brought to bear on Tucker for his disobedience.

  1. ALL the advertisers pull out
  2. Antifa can be used to harass him IRL at work or at his home in DC
  3. Republicans rally together to disavow and call for his firing for not cucking hard enough

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson is focused squarely on the real issues that face Americans. An interview of his where he discusses the drug problem caught my attention:

In it, Tucker talks about how he noticed how poor White communities in America were just dissolving while urban libshit centers continued to get richer. He is also the only mainstream conservative ever to talk about the problems that young White men face without demonizing them as a group. And for that, he will always have my respect and my thanks.

I think he has a plan if he gets banned.

He can’t get banned from Fox News and not be subject to chain-banning though. YouTube won’t allow him. So he’s going to have to do his own thing, which will significantly lower his profile if he doesn’t play his cards all exactly right and make the correct amount of noise to keep the focus on himself.

He should be able to pull it off.

I sure hope he does.

He’s the most important person in this country, as far as I’m concerned.