Tucker Carlson is Right! Mexico IS a Hostile State!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2019

Tucker Carlson has come up with a great talking point: Mexico is a hostile state.

And if Mexico is a hostile narco-terror state, then we need soldiers deployed south of the border to deal with them. We need to make sure that their hostiles are removed from our territory and we need to start making fortifications along the border.

Demographics and voting patterns and race and even economics are too complicated for the average Boomerican to understand, which is why we’re blessed that this Mexico situation isn’t about any of those things, but about war, which is something that normiecons do understand and absolutely love.

Tucker has framed the Mexico Question in the perfect way.


During the opening segment of his Friday night show, Carlson brought up the fact that critics of the tariff plan claim the billions of dollars in additional costs would slow the U.S. economy.

“They’re likely right, over time they probably would, but we ought to impose them anyway,” said the conservative host. “Not every government policy is a pure economic calculation. When the United States is attacked by a hostile foreign power, it must strike back. And make no mistake, Mexico is a hostile foreign power. For decades, the Mexican government has sent its poor north to our country. That has allowed that country’s criminal oligarchy to maintain power and get even richer, but at great expense to us.”

Carlson then went on to blame what he described as a “flood of illegal workers” for having “damaged our communities, ruined our schools, burdened our healthcare system and fractured our national unity” in what he dubbed a “slow-motion attack on this country.”

Unable to contradict Tucker’s facts and logic, Newsweek decided to bring out the tried and true “cheap chalupas” argument.

Despite Carlson’s declaration, Mexico is not considered a foreign power hostile to the United States. It is America’s third-largest trading partner, sending some $370 billion in goods in services north to the U.S. each year and purchasing nearly $300 billion from American suppliers. Mexico is the largest foreign provider of agricultural goods to the U.S., with $26 billion in food and beverages being imported last year alone.

In other words, they’re not our enemy because they send their peasant gruel up north – just ask Mollie Tibbett’s retarded Boomer father.

But that’s not going to fly.

Tucker is going to keep hammering home the point that we are now officially at war with Mexico and that the Cheeto-in-Chief needs to send tanks into Mexico City to install a compliant puppet regime capable of turning off the flow of migrants, drugs and rancid taco meat.

This is the only way to solve this problem.

It must be reframed in war terms. These aren’t migrants, they’re enemy soldiers. It’s not a border crisis, it’s a battle that we’re losing and Mexico isn’t our partner, they’re our enemy.

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