Tucker Carlson Warns of Imminent Civil War in America… Again

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2019

How dire is the situation when even a Fox News host (an admittedly based one at that) has to start low-key warning people to stock up on ammo and iodine pills?

Like, most wars start with far less warning than this.

I don’t think we can dismiss what he is saying lightly.

Daily Caller:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson began his Wednesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show with a monologue excoriating the “reckless and unhinged” political attacks from elites on the left who keep people stirred up about race in order to cover for the “real divide in this country” — class. 

Tucker is, as always, right on the money with this one.

As much as I wish it to be so, the next war will not be a race war, but a civil war.

History will repeat itself and once again, it will be the Whites vs the Reds. Poor, rural Whites will be pitted against a merciless, libshit-powered federal war machine and their urban Antifa paramilitaries (who will commit all the atrocities for them to cow locals and get them in line.)

The brownskins will probably sit this one out, for the most part.

Noting that “rich people,” particularly in the media and politics, are the “most hysterical” on the subject of white supremacy being “America’s biggest problem,” Carlson speculated that the reason could be because it keeps people “angry about race” and not “thinking about class, which of course is the real divide in this country.”

“Working class people of all colors have a lot more in common, infinitely more in common with each other than they do with some overpaid MSNBC anchor,” said Carlson. “If you were allowed to think about that for long enough, you might start to get unauthorized ideas about economics.”

Which, to Carlson, would “be disruptive to a very lucrative status quo.”

“So they whip you into a frenzy of racial fear so that it never enters your mind,” he said. “It’s a diversion. Everyone else hates each other. They get to keep their money. Pretty tricky. Unfortunately, it’s also destroying the country. For real. This is the path to civil war, obviously.”  

This is actually a Socialist talking point lmao.

Race doesn’t matter, so rise up against the Rich who oppress us all!

I don’t know whether Tucker Carlson is a secret Naz-Bol or just a Naz or what, but I do know that we’ve got an American civil war brewing here that will decide the fate of the country, and by extension, the rest of the White world.

If the Whites win, then we will presumably move towards consolidation and Reconquista. If the Reds win, however, then the US officially becomes the USSA and dark times are ahead, comrade.

The thing is: we have to keep the focus on the Jews at all times.

They’re not getting out of this one so easily this time!