Tucker Causes Valley Girl NPC to Short-Circuit on Air

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

This was a very frustrating interview. Tucker had the patience of a saint.

This woman, Monica Klein, ostensibly came on to defend a new bill in NY that allows the killing of newborn infants, and the Virginia governor’s recent comments about “killing infants” after they’re born.

But all she managed to do was short-circuit on air and repeat Leftist NPC talking points about men being bad and ICE killing spiclet babies at the border.

She refused to answer Tucker’s first question and the whole thing went off the rails from there.

Worse, she did it with that, “umm sweety” voice – more commonly known as the Valley Girl accent.

Every time I hear it, I struggle to describe what it really sounds like and the feelings that it evokes in me.

If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say it resembles something like a self-satisfied purr. And the way the cadence dips and gets drawn out near the end of the sentence is intended to convey one thing: smugness and snark.

The Left thought that regular Americans wanted to punch Sandmann because of the “asking for it” expression on his face.

They were wrong.

It’s nothing compared to the white-hot hate that Americans feel when they hear that passive-aggressive, self-satisfied little snarl coming from a complete airhead with caked-on makeup.

She posted some of the responses that she got on her Twitter.

And just regular people tweeting @ her:

And some more:

All this is to say that unless she wanted to portray all pro-abortion activists as psychopathic cunts, she got absolutely SPANKED by Tucker. And he didn’t have to do much, just give her enough rope to hang herself on.

“Giving Leftists rope to hang themselves on,” is basically the tag-line of Tucker’s show.

It’s what he did with Kurt Eichenwald in that now-historic interview.

It’s easy to do because these people live in echo chambers.

No one ever tells them they’re full of shit. They are a protected class, and a people apart from regular Americans. Whenever they slither out into the light, they’re absolutely shocked to find out how deeply unpopular and loathed they are by normal people.

They can dish it out, but can’t handle it dished back.

Which is why they shut everything down and throw tantrums when their opponents aren’t censored.

Also, four fast facts about the crazy bitch:

  1. Her name is Monica Klein,
  2. She lives in Brooklyn
  3. She’s for killing babies before and after they are born
  4. Look at her face

Make of that what you will.

She doesn’t have a Wiki page to confirm she’s Jewish.

But in general, Jews do appear to be getting this dumb and disconnected. Discombobulated even.