Tucker Gives Real Take on Christchurch: Silencing Speech Leads to Violence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2019

I was nervous Monday night watching the Tucker Carlson Show, worried that he would say something cucky about the Christchurch, New Zealand kebab removalist agenda. I don’t know why I always worry Tuck will cuck, because he never does.

He didn’t even mention it in his opening monologue, instead doing Beto and the pissgate hoax collapse.

Halfway through the show, he brought in Mark Stein for the Christchurch take (18:50 in the above video), and he gave the same take I’ve given: when you deny people the ability to voice their concerns and have an open discussion about events, you get violence.

No matter what, that happens.

I have continually and consistently been opposed to violence, tried to guide disaffected and disenfranchised young white men away from thoughts of violence and towards a battle of ideas. The system has responded by making me the most censored person in all of history.

They have decided there will be no public discussion of any of their issues – forced multiculturalism, mass immigration, transgenderism being marketed to children – if you want to even discuss it, you are a hater who must be silenced with extreme prejudice. That is the official policy of the entire Jewish system.

As hilarious as I thought it was seeing all of those hajis get shot in the Brenton Tarrant video (permanent link here), this isn’t what I would have chosen. I would always have chosen an open and public dialogue about this plan to completely replace white people in their own countries with poor brown people who hate us. Brenton’s manifesto speaks very clearly to the fact that he thought he had no choice. And no one can blame him for feeling that way.

What is incredible is that Brenton wasn’t a sperg – at all. In fact, he was totally chad. He had a cute gf (at least at one point, the photo is obviously old).

He was handsome, fit and drug free. It is clear from the manifesto that he was 100% lucid and very clever. This is the first time we’ve seen a guy with something to lose do a racially-motivated mass shooting.

And what does this say about how the millions of white incels, drug users and people with other social problems are going to respond to being progressively denied even the right to complain about what is happening to them?

You are looking at a situation where these shooting events are going to start happening every week. The Moslems are going to respond in kind – as they’ve already started doing.

The thing is, if you have white guys who are not total spergs turning to violence, you’re going to have a serious motherfucking problem on your hands.

Brenton Tarrant was not posting about violence on the internet. He was not traceable. None of the pre-crime tactics these people are trying to do by monitoring everyone would have been able to stop him.

So what you’re looking at is a situation where there could be extreme mass casualty events happening regularly. And we’ve seen boomers on Breitbart cheering Tarrant – which is obviously why he targeted Moslems instead of Jews (and made a point not to talk about Jews in the manifesto so the media couldn’t run with that).

A situation of a mass terrorist uprising by competent white people, which experiences large public support, is exactly the system is not equipped to deal with. These things can escalate extremely quickly.

And again – I don’t want this. No one wants this. What I want and what everyone on our team wants – what I’m certain Brenton himself would have preferred – is an open public dialogue where people are able to discuss the fact that Jews are literally counting down to our total replacement with brown people in our own countries.

I don’t think there is currently any way to stop a situation of total ultra-violence short of allowing people to speak. And I don’t think there is any chance that the Jews are going to allow people to speak. They have already taken a very hard position on that.

So this is just where we are at now.

White people are better at everything than brown people.

And they are certainly very, very good at violence.

When whites start doing shootings, bombings, truck attacks and all of the rest of it, it’s going to unleash a complete hell on earth. And the only possible response the system can have is to arrest a bunch of people for speech, which is only going to fuel the revolt.

So strap yourselves in, kids.

Things are about to start getting real.