Tucker is Back!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

Tucker Carlson has not been fired yet.

He took a vacation – allegedly pre-planned – after he stated the absolute fact that “white supremacy” is a hoax, like the Russian conspiracy, being used by a vicious and alien elite ruling class hellbent on destroying the rest of what is left of America. This created the biggest fake controversy of his career in the cosmopolitan-controlled media.

It wasn’t clear whether it would be announced during his vacation that he was fired. On Monday, when he came back on, it was clear that he was not actually fired.

I will say that his face looked a little bit more flush than usual, and I hope he is okay.

There is a lot of stress in this line of work, as I am well aware. And alcohol definitely helps the stress. But I’m sure it is easy to miss the balance on that, and get either too much stress or too much alcohol.

Anyway. He may well have just gotten some sun on his face.

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