We’re Entering the Age of the Brutal Police State and It is Strange That Tucker Can Still Talk About It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

Tucker Carlson got the footage from Roger Stone’s CCTV cameras at his Florida home.

It’s of course just a different angle of the footage we already saw from the CNN crew that arrived an hour before the raid to set up their cameras – somehow knowing that the raid was going to happen before Stone or his lawyers, possibly as a result of some kind of psychic phenomenon or perhaps employing witches.

CNN says they weren’t alerted to this beforehand by the Mueller Team, and Vox News has framed this as a “conspiracy theory” after acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said he was concerned about how they came about this knowledge.

They also noted in the subheading that “desperate times” require “desperate measures,” though they don’t explain why these times would call for a military-style assault on an old man’s home.

CNN did not choose to reveal how they knew and so we are left to speculate.

CNN of course celebrated the military-style early morning assault on Roger Stone’s house.

What is incredible about watching the Tucker video is that you realize in watching it that we are at a very bizarre point of historical change. Right now, we have an almost fully controlled media, with all of these various Jew-run groups enforcing a censorship agenda and silencing people who disagree by any means necessary. And so it is possible to have a rising militarized police state which uses tactics previously reserved for enemies of war on people viewed as political enemies of the state.

What is fascinating is that Tucker exists, and is on TV, and is out there criticizing this behavior. We are at this monumental point in time where we are just completing the shift from a free society to a completely locked-down totalitarian nightmare, but certain elements of the old society still exist, and they seem very out of place.

When you see something like the raid on Roger Stone’s house by these soldiers, you feel like that is something that no one should be allowed to question. It feels like a government that does this is not the type of government that allows people to question what they do. And of course, that is correct. Obviously, they don’t want Tucker out there saying this stuff. But we just haven’t gotten to the point where they can shut him down, shut off the ability of anyone to question this. We are at this weird point of change, where the full force of a completely locked-down police state is being rolled out, but there hasn’t been a move to completely silence everyone who disagrees with this process.

What takes it to the level of surrealism is the fact that Donald Trump is the President – and that he represents the type of voice that the government itself is moving to shut down.

It really is a case of “turning a crisis into an opportunity” in the sense that Donald Trump as President actually makes it easier to roll out a brutal police state, because the entire media was already almost entirely controlled, and he is serving as the villain that justifies this sort of thing. As the Vox subheading says, “desperate times.”

And of course, when Trump is out of office, however that is done, “Trump as villain” will be used to justify further aggression against the population. At this point, basically no matter what happens, he will leave in disgrace and be thrown in prison as a Russian agent. And then everyone who supported him will be forced to either renounce him or go to prison with him. There will be massive round-ups to root-out the “collaborators” or whatever it is they choose to call them.

It’s a fascinating time to be alive and to be watching all of this unfold. When you are able to understand what is happening, you do feel like you’re watching it all in slow motion.

But understand this: when you have the entire media apparatus celebrating early morning raids on the homes of ostensible political dissidents, you are headed for a very dark place.