Tulsi Gabbard Booed by Women of Color for Saying We Should End Wars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard appeared at a forum this week called “She the People,” which might be the most pretentiously titled forum in the entire history of pretentiously titled forums.

It is ostensibly a forum for colored women to choose their pick, but it appeared that there were Jew women in the audience.

Most other Democrat candidates where there, and several got booed, including Tulsi.

Tulsi was doing her regular bit after the regular question about why she supports the evil gas-master Assad (because apparently women of color are really concerned about toppling Assad because of his evil gassing ways), and after explaining that the US is funding Al-Qaeda to kill Christians and peaceful Moslems in Syria, she said “there are a lot of bad people in the world,” and someone in the audience yelled “you’re one of them.”

I have a really hard time believing that some black bitch would heckle Tulsi for saying she’s against wars.

But let’s look a bit closer at that shot of the audience.

I think there are a team of Jews that are coordinating to make sure that everywhere Tulsi speaks, there are Jews in the audience to heckle her every time she says she’s against fighting endless wars and thinks the US should stop funding Israeli-backed Sunni terrorists in the Middle East.

Other than Bernie and Yang, she is the only Democrat candidate that is against war. All of the rest of them are aggressively calling for more wars against all kinds of countries, and are in fact attacking Trump on the grounds that he isn’t fighting enough wars.

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