Tulsi Gabbard Talks to Tucker About Her Lawsuit Against Google!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard is the only presidential candidate defending freedom of speech and the American right to our First Amendment.

This is probably partially due to the fact that she is the only Democrat being censored by these Jews. But to be fair, she was saying she wanted free speech enshrined in law (AGAIN) before Google censored her ads and she decided to sue them over it.

Just so, Tucker is the only person on TV calling for a reinstatement of the First Amendment. He was the single person in the mainstream defending me when I was banned from absolutely everything and he was the single person in the mainstream defending Alex Jones when he was banned from almost as much as I was.

So naturally, Tucker was the only person who wanted to talk to Tulsi about her lawsuit against the evil megacorp Google.

They had a great conversation and hit on all of the main points I hit on.

Except what might be the most important point, which is that the illegitimate government, by refusing to defend our Constitutional rights to free speech, is actually purposefully encouraging terrorism. Everyone knows that the entire purpose of free speech is to allow people to openly express their ideas, engage in open debate, so that they do not turn to violence. Once you remove free speech, more and more people begin to feel like their only option to push for change is to engage in acts of terrorism.

I am now convinced that the government is aware of this and is at least okay with the fact they are going to cause mass terrorism, and probably likes this fact.

Alex Jones recently called on Donald Trump to fix this free speech problem. I concur with Alex 100%.

I no longer care about building a wall or anything else. What I want is my First Amendment back. All of the rest of this stuff can wait. Right now, the only thing that matters is our freedom of speech.

Nothing is ever going to get done if we can’t even say what we want done. So as long as we have no First Amendment, all of these other issues are superfluous.

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