Tulsi Officially Announces Presidential Run, Says Nothing Offensive

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

There was nothing wrong with the speech.

Just boilerplate, but nothing about people of color rising up and killing whitey, like in the speeches of Kamala and Cory, and nothing about women subjecting men to a brutal regime of mommy control like Kristen.

That said, I don’t really care what Tulsi says about race or fags or whatever, being she is effectively a single issue candidate on the issue of being against Jewish wars, and that single issue is something I agree with very, very strongly.

Glenn Greenwald has a great piece up today on The Intercept about how the Jew media is claiming she’s a Russian agent. So that pretty much tells you what the Jews think of her. As if we didn’t already know.

The bogtrotting traitor James Comey usually just tweets out cryptic Catholic gibberish, but he recently tweeted an FDR quote that is actually good.

I hope everyone judges me by the enemies I’ve made. And I’m inclined to do the same for everyone else.

Tulsi has certainly made enemies of Jews.

I’m not joking in the least when I tell people to register to vote in the Democrat primaries and vote for Tulsi.

Here’s a guide about how to register as a Democrat to vote in the primaries. Most (or maybe all, now) states let you do it online.

If we can get a movement going, we can get her votes, get her in the debates, force all of these lunatics like Kamala Harris to explain their insane Jew war agenda.

We also need people pretending to be liberals to shill for her in liberal circles and attack all of the other candidates as shills of the war machine. Excluding Bernie Sanders, every Democrat that has thus far announced their candidacy is openly pro war against Russia and Assad, and presumably also Venezuela.

Most older Democrats don’t even care, they just want niggers everywhere and white men being forced to suffer. But a lot of younger ones probably just aren’t aware of how insanely pro-war their party actually is. None of them are able to defend it.

This is also a way to get back on Twitter without getting banned. Make a fake Democrat account, avoid saying anything right wing, and just shill for Tulsi.