Tunisia to Have First Openly Gay Candidate Run for President!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2019

Tunisia, you will recall, was where the Arab Spring started. The Arab Spring was a series of color revolutions planned in Langley and implemented by various Moslem factions within these countries. Some of these uprisings lead to coups like in Egypt, others to civil wars like in Libya.

Things simmered down relatively quickly in Tunisia with the ruling king promising liberal reforms. Now, we are starting to see the result of these reforms.

It seems that Globo-Homo-Shlomo really thinks that it can assimilate the Moslems into the system, and that the main tool of social control that they are planning on wielding to do this is The Gay. They’ve analyzed Moslem society and concluded that unleashing The Gay on them will finally break Moslems and make them compliant to the agenda.

Yahoo News:

Baatour’s candidacy marks “a first which will without doubt be a benchmark in history”, his party said.

A lawyer at the Court of Cassation, Tunisia’s highest court, the Liberal Party leader presents himself as a defender of LGBT rights.

Baatour was jailed for three months in 2013 for “sodomy” with a 17-year-old student, an accusation he has always denied.

Having a criminal record does not automatically ban Tunisians from standing in elections.

“The fact that I’m gay doesn’t change anything. It’s a candidacy like all the others,” Baatour told AFP.

“I have an economic, social, cultural and educational programme for everything that affects Tunisians in their daily lives,” he added.

Baatour is co-founder of the Shams association, through which he has for years campaigned against Tunisia’s criminalisation of gay sex, which carries a sentence of up to three years.

“I saw there is no progress on this matter in Tunisia: there is no politician who is endorsing these cases and in my opinion I am the best person who can change the Tunisian society,” he said.

What people don’t understand is that most Moslems are literally closet faggots. All those based brown people who make a big show of hating gays are horny little savages that will stick their dicks into literally anything, eventually. They make a big show of denouncing it all the time because they know it’s a huge problem in their culture and they’re secretly embarrassed by the fact that they’re all intensely attracted to hairy man-ass.

There are also many Greek-style exceptions in their society that allow for pederasty that conveniently don’t count as being gay – giving lots of homos a legal (and moral) out.

More than just the typical homo-style priest abuse, you also have the whole “tea boy” tradition in various forms in Middle Eastern countries.

They dress up boys as girls and… well…

Let’s just say that Desmond is Amazing ain’t got nothing on Bachi Bazi

This problem is also compounded by the fact that poor Moslems have absolutely no chance to secure a mate as the richer members simply hoard all the wahmen for themselves. If one man takes four wives, what are the other three men to do? Well, I’m sure you can put two and two together here –  just like the hajis put their dicks inside one another’s butts, you see.

Now, The Gay is literally the wedge that can be used to destroy Moslem society. And mass suppressed homosexuality is on the verge of bursting forth – especially with many Westernized Moslems returning home and working with Western and Jewish NGOs to spread the disease. All of it is barely being held back by frequent roofings and clever coping strategies crafted by imams.

But I think that it will start to spread in much the same way as it did in the West – and much faster.

It is fitting that Tunisia is ground zero for all of this, once again.