Turkey: Jews Increasingly Nervous About Rising Hatred of Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2018

It’s a shame Erdogan is such a prick.

He is probably genuinely plotting against Jews in some chess game thingie.

He is certainly encouraging anti-Semitism among the people, aggressively.

Jerusalem Post:

“A Jew means ‘liar'”, “A Jew is a man who stabs people in the back”, “A Jew is a coward to kills weak people” – These are just a few examples that representatives from the World Zionist Union encountered this week at an elementary school in Istanbul, Turkey.

It turns out that the crisis between Israel and Turkey not only affects tourists looking for cheap all-inclusive summer vacations, but also, and especially the Jewish community living in a Muslim majority country. This is a centuries-old community which proudly carries on their traditions dating back to the Jewish expulsion from Spain.

Today, the Jewish community in Turkey is exposed to antisemitic incitement which is done by slanting public opinion on the streets against the State of Israel and the Jewish people. For this reason, there is a growing concern for the welfare of the Jews of Turkey, since history shows that antisemitic murders comes in the wake of ongoing incitement.

According to representatives from the World Zionist Organization, there has been a recent intensification of expressions against the State of Israel and the Jewish people by Turkish officials, led by the President of Turkey.

It’s hard to know when Jews are genuinely afraid and when they are just whining about being victims to attempt to gain sympathy. I’m not even really sure there is a difference, or if there is a difference, that they are aware of it.

But as Turkey becomes more extreme and anti-liberal, Jews will start having more and more problems, just as they are having more and more problems in every country that is becoming more anti-liberal.