Turkey Moving Away from NATO and Toward Russia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2018

Erdogan is exactly – nothing more and nothing less – than an opportunistic, power-hungry lunatic, hellbent on seizing as much power as he can and exercising it as his ego wills.

That said, it appears that Russia is offering him a better deal. He’s been going in this direction for a while now. Basically, he was planning for a long time to enter the EU, then start handing out Turkish passports – which would then be EU passports – to an army of Arabs, Pakis and Afghans to flood the place and then something something something reestablishing the Ottoman Empire.

But after the migrant crisis of 2015, which he worked directly with Merkel to make happen, there is just no way that joining the EU is in the cards.

So then NATO membership becomes a liability rather than an asset, and there is more power to be had in aligning with Russia.

Russia is the one that enabled him to go into Northern Syria and slaughter a bunch of Kurds (which I actually supported – dead Kurds are always a good thing). And now that Russia has basically ensured that Assad is going to stay in power, Erdogan realizes that he has to make a deal with him.

Note that Erdogan had previously been a big supporter of ISIS, helping their people into the country and giving them weapons – which, lulzily, he himself had gotten for free from NATO – in exchange for oil.

But the smart money is no longer on ISIS, since they don’t even really exist anymore, other than as an internet group telling people how to run over white people with big trucks in Europe and America.

So from the standpoint of a purely opportunistic power-mad whackjob, this pivot makes a lot of sense.


By floating the idea of Turkey joining BRICS, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to diversify Ankara’s foreign policy, with its EU membership bid long stalled and relations with the US on the rocks, analysts told RT.

The Turkish President has suggested that the leaders of the five-member BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) should add “T” to the acronym. Erdogan was invited to the group’s latest forum and told Hurriyet Daily News on its sidelines that current members welcomed the idea of Turkey’s accession.

It also comes at a moment when Turkey’s long-standing dream of joining the EU is in limbo, with the accession process effectively frozen.

At the same time, Turkey’s relations with Russia, having hit their lowest point when Turkey downed a Russian attack jet above Syria in November 2015, have recovered swiftly and are gaining momentum.

Turkey leaving NATO would be great for Trump, who is going to eventually pull-out of the bloc altogether. Probably not until his second term, but that is clearly the plan.

We are going to be best friends forever with Russia, and build a NEW WHITE ORDER.

But Iran Tho

The wild card in this long-term big picture situation I’m looking at is obviously Iran.

I have always been positive towards Iran because of their hatred of Jews, and their support of anti-Jewish causes, but am growing frustrated with their current leadership recently.

Rouhani might as well be some kind of Jew shill, the way he’s acting.

He’s going to fight the whole world? That’s his plan? Because before he got raped by the Arabs, his people had an empire thousands of years ago?

I miss Ahmadinejad. He wasn’t a “reformer,” he dressed better, he had a sense of humor.

He was a lot smarter too.

Presently, Iran is semi-protected by Russia, and are going to provide a sticking point in the BFF relationship between Russia and America if they don’t stop sperging out.

As I reported earlier, Trump yesterday said he’d be happy to meet with Iran anytime. He is clearly saying “let’s make a deal.”

But in response to Trump’s olive branch, Iran today acted all bitchy and said no.


A return to the 2015 nuclear deal is the key to future talks between the US and Iran, an adviser to President Hassan Rouhani said. President Donald Trump is ready to negotiate, but believes the existing deal is “a waste of paper.”

“Respecting the Iranian nation’s rights, reducing hostilities and returning to the nuclear deal are steps that can be taken to pave the bumpy road of talks between Iran and America,” Hamid Aboutalebi tweeted on Tuesday.

He was commenting on remarks made by Trump a day earlier, when the US leader said he was open to talks with Iran “anytime they want”without preconditions. The proposal represented a drastic change of tone, considering that last week Trump was embroiled in threatening exchanges with the Iranian leadership.

I have no reason to believe that Trump won’t be very fair with Iran, just like he was very fair with North Korea.

But they are going to have to bend the knee.

I can sympathize with Iranian leadership not wanting to look weak, but if they don’t get their shit figured out soon, their own people are going to overthrow the government – and that is bad for everyone, as it will lead to Jewish rule. These convoluted peasant-revolt revolutions we’ve been seeing always have Jewish money behind them and they always end with Jews controlling the situation.

They were having troubles before Trump ended the deal, and they are one uncontrolled street riot away from a full on coup situation.

And that would lead to an extended civil war within the country, which would be totally funded by Jews – all of these ISIS mercenaries would fly there immediately, getting paychecks from Tel Aviv.

And seriously: that is no good at all for anyone.

Trump on the other hand will make them concede whatever, but will honor a pact to allow the regime to remain in power. He doesn’t want regime change. He has made that clear, and everyone knows that regime change would be a complete clusterfuck for the whole world (except Israel).

He killed the Iran deal because I think he genuinely believed, as he kept saying even in the campaign, that it was a bad deal. He wanted to abolish Obama’s legacy, which the Iran deal was at the core of. He wanted to fuck over Europe, who made all of these investments in Iran.

And yeah, he wanted some good will from the Zionists. I’m not going to deny that that was part of it. But I do believe very, very strongly that is part of a longer term strategy, rather than some Bush-tier neocon lunacy. We are way past that being a possibility.

ANYWAY – he wants to do a deal with Iran. He wants to keep Assad in power. He wants to be friends with Russia. This is all now clear, whereas in the first year of his Presidency it was all a bit confusing.

The Korea deal gave him a mandate, the midterms are going to give him another mandate, he’s dealing. Iran simply has to get on the damn train.