Turkey Refuses to Not Buy Weapons from Russia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2019

Why did Ziomerica believe they could just keep backstabbing and abusing their allies and somehow keep them from revolting?

If you side with America/Jews on the global stage, you can pretty much guarantee they’re eventually going to destroy your country.

At least with Russia, you’ve got a chance.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey will take delivery of Russia’s S-400 missile defence system in July – a deal that has created tensions with the United States.  

“The issue of S-400 is an issue directly related to our sovereignty and we will not backtrack from that. God willing, the delivery of the S-400 will start next month,” Erdogan said in a televised speech, restating his unwavering stance.

Turkey has plans to buy 100 American-made F-35 fighter jets, and has lucrative contracts to build parts for the jets. The United States says the S-400s are not compatible with NATO’s systems and are a security threat to its own F-35 programme.

Washington has threatened to impose sanctions on Ankara and prevent Turkey from purchasing the F-35s.

“In order to meet its security needs, Turkey … does not need to get permission, let alone bow to pressure,” said Erdogan.

Russia has also said it planned to deliver its S-400s to Turkey in July.

Erdogan has vowed to use his good relations with US counterpart Donald Trump to defuse tensions when they meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, later this week.

The United States cannot allow Turkey to fly or help produce its F-35 stealth jets if Ankara goes ahead with the purchase of the Russian air defence system, the US envoy to NATO said on Tuesday.

“There will be a disassociation with the F-35 system, we cannot have the F-35 affected or destabilised by having this Russian system in the [NATO] alliance,” Kay Bailey Hutchison told reporters.

Yeah, Erdogan appears to have given his final answer.

The US was already backing Kurdish terrorists. That was such a retarded move. I guess they thought the fact that Turkey is in NATO just meant they would tolerate it.

It’s definitely lucrative to be allied with the US.

But you just don’t know when they’ll pull the plug. No deal they make is ever worth the paper it’s written on. And Russia, being the underdog, has to be able to use trust as a currency.

Every country that switches sides makes the other side more powerful. And Turkey being on Russia’s side during a war with Iran is going to be a big deal.

How are they going to flood the country with terrorists, I wonder?

The ISIS invasion of Syria really wouldn’t have been possible without Turkey’s cooperation. Terrorists were flying directly into airports in Turkey and getting helped across the border by Turkey. Further, the US was moving weapons to ISIS across the Turkish border. And a war with Iran would rely heavily on the use of these ISIS types.

Iraq isn’t going to go along with this.

I guess they can bring people in from the other side? I mean, I don’t even really know. The east side of the country isn’t heavily populated.

Further, Afghanistan is almost out of the sphere of influence of the US, and the Taliban will probably side with Iran. And I doubt Pakistan is going to be down for running a bunch of terrorists into Iran.

Furthermore, Turkey is going to serve as an entry point for Russian supplies in this war – the opposite situation. Plus Iran has a border with the former USSR.

Things are lining themselves up very unfortunately for the Donald Trump Jewish war machine.