Two Aspiring Rappers Fatally Shoot White Teen During Robbery Attempt

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2018

Levar Summers and Ivory Cunningham.

Blacks seem incapable of committing a robbery without at least one person ending up dead.

I blame their poor impulse control and inability to plan complex tasks in advance.


Haley Nicole Willcutt, age 19, was shot during a robbery attempt around 4 p.m. Sunday and died later at the Hardin Co. Medical Center.

The Tennessee River Valley News is reporting that the two men charged in her death are: Levar Summers, Nashville, charged with felony murder, conspiracy to commit especially aggravated armed robbery, conspiracy to sell schedule 4 drugs, and possession of a deadly weapon in the commission of a dangerous felony; and Ivory Cunningham of Savannah, charged with conspiracy to commit especially aggravated armed robbery and conspiracy to sell scheduled 4 drugs.

Haley Nicole Willcutt.