Two Black Devils Attack Pregnant White Woman, Kick Her in the Stomach and Say “I Hope He Dies”

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2019

Tyrese Johnson-Nurse, left, and David Russell.

Niggers wouldn’t dare whistle at a white women, let alone attack a pregnant one, when we kept them in line.

Now look at where we are.

This is what happens when we treat these half-humans as something other than slaves.

This is what happens when they lose their fear of us.


A pregnant woman’s pained screams could be heard in a Quincy courtroom Thursday as Judge Mark Coven watched a video that prosecutors say shows the woman being beaten by two Quincy teenagers outside a downtown post office.

The Patriot Ledger reported that after watching the video, Coven ruled that the two defendants, Tyrese D. Johnson-Nurse, 19, and David D. Russell, 18, could pose a danger to the public and ordered that they adhere to additional conditions, including wearing a GPS monitor, if released. The two had been held behind bars since their arrest Tuesday on charges of aggravated assault and battery on a pregnant woman and assault and battery.

The victim, identified by WCVB as Leanne Hindy, said she remembered being thrown to the ground quickly and suddenly.

Police said she was walking with her boyfriend at about 6 p.m. Tuesday when she felt sick because of her pregnancy and began to throw up outside the post office at 47 Washington St.

Johnson-Nurse and Russell were laughing at her and spit on her.

Police said the teenagers got into the couple’s faces and began punching the woman in the head as she screamed that she was pregnant. The men also attacked the boyfriend, who stepped in to defend his girlfriend, police said.

Hindy told police that Russell had kicked her in the stomach and said, “I hope he dies.”

Leanne Hindy.