Two Darkies Suspected of Killing White Man in Drug-Related Home Invasion

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

Brandon Lowe, the first suspect. Police are still searching for the second suspect, described as a “young black male.”

These two hippies thought it would be totally groovy to get involved with drug-dealing darkies.

It didn’t end too well for them.


Gracie Beavers sat on the patio of her McClendon Drive home Sept. 30 smoking a cigarette. It was 2 a.m. and the 35-year-old was dozing off when she heard two men come into her backyard, according to a DeKalb County police report.

Moments later, as she wrestled with one of the men, she heard two gunshots, police said.

Her husband Teddy Mierzwa had been fatally shot in the chest. The couple, according to friends, had just celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary.

After the shooting, Beavers was heard screaming, “Baby get up, baby get up,” a person inside the home told police.

Last week, police arrested Brandon Lowe at a business in Buckhead in connection with the drug-related home invasion and are searching for another possible suspect.

“We believe there is at least one person outstanding in this case which is still active,” DeKalb County police Sgt. J.D. Spencer told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in an emailed statement. “As far as the reasoning for the home invasion that is still under investigation.”

Police have not provided a motive for killing, but indicated the homicide was drug-related. It is not clear if Lowe and an accomplice were searching for “the large sum of narcotics” found inside the home.

Teddy Mierzwa and Gracie Beavers.