Two Moms Who Infiltrated Drag Queen Library Now Fear Reprisals

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2019

Look at that picture and tell me that demons don’t exist.

It was taken at the latest state-sponsored child molestation drum circle in Reston, Washington by a pair of brave moms.

The College Fix:

Two concerned mothers who attended a recent “Teen Pride” celebration at a public library in Renton, Washington, told The College Fix that they have now been doxxed for their efforts to expose the event, which included a graphic dance by a drag queen and the distribution of other adult sex and gender materials.

Asking their names not to be published out of fear for their safety — as some of their birthdays and addresses have already made the rounds on social media — the two concerned moms said in interviews on Monday that they attended the June 22 event because they were upset at the programming and wanted to shine a light on it.

They said, although library officials promised it would be family friendly, it was anything but that.

The women and some of their allies attending the event in a somewhat undercover capacity were able to capture on film a large amount of the pride festivities at the Renton Public Library — including the graphic performance of a drag queen — before police were called to escort some of the moms out.

Seriously. State-enforced child molestation rings.

We even skipped a few steps.

And let me just take a moment to say: Yahweh bless the boys in blue!

All they had to do was just, you know, grow a spine and collectively refuse to take orders from demented freaks in women’s make-up. They could even just choose to sit this whole pedo story hour thing out. They could have had a word with the chief and told him that the lads have had a talk and they’ve all decided that they don’t want anything to do with this, so they’re just not going to show up to the library. When pressed, they could say that they’re not going to be arresting moms and priests and protestors who don’t want convicted child predators diddling children on the taxpayer dime.

You’d think that they could get together and do at least the bare minimum – which is nothing.

But no, you’d be wrong.

In their main video, parents, teenagers, tweens, children and even kids in strollers can be seen at the library event. Footage showed the distribution of lube, dental dams, and flavored condoms. One pamphlet stated: “Abuse is not S/M [sadism and masochism].” Pictures also showed sex pamphlets in the shape of male genitalia.

Saleem Juma, an independent journalist, obtained a close-up of the freebies handed out at the event. One of them is in the shape of a penis and reads in part: “Reducing sexual risks is the easiest way to prevent your Moby-Dick from exhibiting 50 Shades of Grey … We want you to be the Lord of unzipping Flies, but don’t let an STI catch you by surprise!”

The main video has since been taken down by Facebook, which is, of course, providing cover for this Demon Story Hour project.

You can watch this though:

So this would be what happened at the Renton Library teen #pride event BEFORE the library kicked the adults out via police escort. Any guesses what these guys did with the kids once the grown-ups were out of the way?(Video partially muted due to FB copyright issues with the music)

Gepostet von Kaeley Triller Harms am Samstag, 22. Juni 2019

lol @ “Saleem Juma.”

Finally, an immigrant is doing a job Americans won’t do.

Reminds me of another such brave figure.

Maybe we do need them?

One of the moms told The Fix that she saw young people at the event under the age of 18 who were not accompanied by adults despite a library official saying that would not be allowed.

Meanwhile, another mom added that Planned Parenthood representatives there spoke about its “gender reformation services” that involve “giving testosterone and progesterone to young people” and they were hoping to offer them to children under 18 without parental consent.

The event also boasted gift cards for breast binders, one of the tools that many transgender men use to attempt to make their bodies into more of a traditionally masculine shape.

At around 5 p.m., event organizers began to forcibly remove parents who did not have teens with them, the moms said.

Lynn Meagher, an attendee at the event, tells PJ Media that, while she was being removed by the police, she said, “I am staying here and I am documenting this. If they’re not doing anything wrong, they should not be ashamed. Two officers [then] grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my chair and pushed me out of the library.”

That’s three men and one Boomer to handle two middle-aged suburbanite moms. Clearly, the state is taking this mandatory drag queen program very seriously.

Antifa is pitching in as well.

Don’t most Antifa types proudly include “perv” as part of their sexual orientation diorama?


Words are beginning to fail me, and I pride myself at being good with words. People who aren’t as good with words are going to stop talking and start shooting soon. Not an endorsement, just an observation.

Even normies have limits.