Two More High Profile Stories of Violent Negro NFL Players Emerge

Daily Slave
September 16, 2014

Negro ape Ray Rice punched out his fiance in a casino elevator.

Recently there have been a couple of high profile stories involving violent Black National Football League players.  This has been a recurring theme throughout the NFL’s history but of course it is “racist” to say that it is mostly a problem with current and former Black NFL players.  It doesn’t matter how obvious the problem is, the fear of being called “racist” trumps that.

Just a few days ago, video showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking out his wife in a casino elevator resulted in his outright release.  Even more ridiculous is that a bunch of Ravens fans are still walking around wearing Rice jerseys including many females.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is also in trouble for beating his four-year old son.  He was recently charged with child abuse.

Negro ape Adrian Peterson is the father of several bastard children with multiple women.

Of course these are just the most recent examples of these ape NFL players engaging in violent behavior.

What makes these two cases so interesting is that both Rice and Peterson have been big names in the league and have made millions of dollars.  Yet despite their fame and fortune, they just can’t help but engage in this type of violence.

The OJ Simpson case back in the 1990s is perhaps the most famous example of this racial phenomenon.  Here you have a Black man who achieved fame and fortune as a football player and he threw it all away because of his violent racial tendencies.

When will people understand that Blacks in general are racially prone to engage in more violent behavior?  White people should stop supporting the National Football League until they remove all of these violent monkeys that get paid enormous salaries to chase after a football.  If these Blacks weren’t in the NFL, they’d probably be selling drugs, raping women and killing people.  I say deport them all back to Africa.