Two Urban Yoofs Charged with Capital Murder After Old White Woman’s Badly Decomposed Body Found

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

Teihjon Shannon, and David Paul Jones.

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Two teens were charged with capital murder in the death of a woman who was found dead inside her garage last Friday.

According to court documents, Teihjon Shannon, 17, and David Paul Jones, 17, are charged with capital murder in the death of Clara Barna. The teens were arrested on Monday.

Investigators with the Houston Police Department, Barna died from blunt force trauma during an apparent robbery.

The Houston Police Department said the victim’s neighbors called 911 around 10 p.m. Friday after they noticed a strange smell coming from the home in the 12700 block of Leader St.

Police and firefighters made entry inside of the woman’s garage and found her body “badly decomposed.’

Clara Barna.