UK: 47-Year-Old Single Mother Wins Settlement from Dating Site That Couldn’t Find Her a Rich Husband

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

The level of entitlement that women feel is only surpassed in its insanity by the level of willingness of Western governments to cater to them.

Imagine this woman believing that any man would have interest in her. A 47-year-old mother of three would be lucky to get a pity-fuck by a black crackhead. But the court agrees it was this website’s job to find her a rich man who works in finance, wants to raise her children, and pay for her to travel the world.


Listen up, ladies: men with money want young, fresh bitches. That’s why they worked to get the money. So they could get young, fresh bitches.

If you are a used up old fat hag with bastard children, you should join a nunnery, or just do the adult thing and become a jolly grandma baking cookies.

The Guardian:

A divorcee seeking a wealthy boyfriend has won £13,100 in damages from an elite dating agency after it failed to introduce her to the match she hoped would be “possibly the man of my dreams, the father of my child”.

Tereza Burki had sued Seventy Thirty, based in Knightsbridge, central London, for deceit and misrepresentation. On Wednesday the high court ruled it had misled the businesswoman about its “exclusive” membership.

Delivering the ruling, Judge Richard Parkes QC said: “Gertrude Stein quipped that whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.

“This case is about a woman looking for romantic happiness who says she was tricked into shopping in the wrong place, paying a large sum to a dating agency which, she says, made promises but failed to produce the goods.”

Burki, 47, a mother of three who lives in Chelsea, approached the dating service in 2013 in pursuit of a new partner. “Her requirements were not modest,” the judge observed.

What she wanted was a “sophisticated gentleman”, ideally employed in the finance industry. It was important that he should lead a “wealthy lifestyle” and be “open to travelling internationally”.

Her most important requirement was a willingness to have more children since she had always wanted four. Burki was encouraged by what she read about Seventy Thirty and eventually signed up, paying £12,600.

The judge said the agency’s then managing director, Lemarc Thomas, claimed there was a substantial number of wealthy male members actively engaged in its matchmaking services who were a sufficient match for Burki’s desires.

This was false and misleading, said the judge, because there were only about 100 active male members altogether. That number could not “by any stretch of the imagination” be described as a substantial number, even without considering how far that number would have to be reduced to allow for compliance with her criteria.

“Had Ms Burki known what the true size of the active membership was, she would not have joined Seventy Thirty,” he said. She was induced to enter her contract with the agency by the false representations given by Thomas, who must have known he was giving her a wholly false impression, he added.

The bitch should have known that there is not a wealthy man who wants to raise the children of a 47-year-old used-up hag, and anyone who told her such a man existed was lying.

I guess they shouldn’t have indicated to her this was possible, but you know – caveat emptor.

Women live in their own realities, where they themselves are the center of the universe, and everything that exists exists only to serve them. That is their actual orientation, the basic wiring of their brains.

Once you understand that, you can understand everything they do.

Please research solipsism.