UK: 79-Year-Old Woman Raped at Bus Stop in Broad Daylight by Subhuman Black Brute

Daily Stormer
March 17, 2014

Nature will continue to punish us through the Black race until we obey her laws and separate ourselves from them. It is that simple.

In broad daylight a subhuman Black brute has grabbed hold of a 79-Year-Old woman and raped her. This attack took place in public, before it was even noon, in the most populated part of Britain.

Nowhere is now safe, no age is seen as too young, or too old, for these vile creatures to force themselves upon.

How long is this to go on for? The more we ignore the laws of nature and insist upon forcing different races to live together, the more sickening crimes like this are going to happen.

From the BBC:

A 79-year-old woman has been sexually assaulted at a north London bus stop.

Police said the victim was sitting at the bus stop on Fortis Green, Haringey, at about 10:30 GMT on Saturday 1 March.

A man who was sitting on a fence opposite her struck up a conversation before sexually assaulting her.

The suspect is described as black, about 30 years old, and was wearing a thick, dark-coloured coat with a logo on the right sleeve and light blue jeans.

He also wore a hood or a hat and a scarf.

As the attack took place, the woman’s bus – the 102 – arrived and she boarded.

The suspect did not board the bus, which was travelling towards Muswell Hill, from East Finchley.

Appealing to witnesses, Det Con Alex Peddie said: “This attack took place in broad daylight on a very busy road.

“Were you in the area at the time of the assault or were you travelling on the route 102 as it pulled into the stop on Fortis Green?

Fortis Green, Haringey in 1973. If we had only listened to our instincts in the 60’s when it was only the odd mugging that was happening, they would never have had a chance to escalate their crimes into ones like this.

“If you saw anything and can assist this investigation, please contact police.”