UK: Black Infiltrator Told “You Don’t Belong Here”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

Some of the “smite the rando” stuff is obviously part of a new campaign to crush dissent against the multicultural agenda. Like crucifying some fat ninnying boomer female for calling the cops on a black man who lost his shit at a soccer game and started screaming at kids.

However, a second phenomenon of actual racist statements coming from normal people appears to be separate from this. They crucify both equally – equal opportunity crucifiers – but unlike “calling the police on black people engaged in crimes and borderline crimes,”  this “legit racist statements” phenomenon appears to be new.

It appears that a lot of people are genuinely fed-up with colored people, and are striking back in the only way they can: by breaking down in rage in public.

The Independent:

A man was removed from a branch of Sainsbury’s following a racist rant in which he told a black security guard: “You don’t belong here.”

One women filmed the racial abuse at a London branch of the supermarket chain and posted it online.

The unidentified customer can be heard yelling at the security guard: “What are you f*****g doing here? You are telling me what to do. I belong here. You don’t. F*** off.”

Where is the lie?

Why are there black people in Britain?

Several members of staff began to question the racially abusive man as he continued his diatribe near the alcohol and tobacco kiosk.

But he continued, saying: “He’s telling me what to do. You heard what I said. I belong here.

“I’m trying to get served. It’s got nothing to do with you.”

The woman who filmed the incident told him: “The man is doing his job, it’s not about where he comes from.

“There’s kids in this shop, who wants to serve you? Damn cheek. Do not serve him, this is out of order.”

When staff then refused to serve the abuse shopper, he screamed: “F*** you, f*** this shop, f*** the lot of you.”

The man was then escorted out of the door. He could be heard shouting: “F*****g w*****s. This is why this f*****g country is in the state it’s in.”

The woman praised the staff for refusing to tolerate racism: “Good. Well done, guys.”

We have to get these colored people out of our countries. We have to get out the Jews that brought them here. And we have to shut down these whores who support and protect them.

And the will to do this is beginning to manifest. We see it boiling over: the internal rage, on a primal level, coming up to the surface.

The entire white male population is ready to burst. All they need is permission.

You saw it with the Tommy Robinson protests.

This is what white men with permission look like: