UK: Blimp of Terrorist Mayor Sadiq Khan in Bikini to Fly Over Parliament Square

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

Pretty accurate. Maybe that hook nose needs to be a bit more pronounced, though.

When Trump visited the UK earlier this year, London’s mayor, who for some reason is a Moslem terrorist, gave the OK to flying a balloon mocking our President.


Now, the people of the UK are rising up against their Islamic overlord, and have endeavored to produce a humiliating blimp of their own.

Historians of the future will remark that this moment marks the beginning of the “blimp wars.”


A giant balloon likeness of London Mayor Sadiq Khan will take to the skies Sept. 1, after organizers received permission from city authorities to fly their protest blimp over the U.K. capital’s Parliament Square.

They “received permission,” obviously, because it would have been too shamefully hypocritical to approve the Trump blimp and deny the Khan blimp.

Though, to be honest, I’m surprised this Moslem even has enough self-awareness to realize it.

The balloon, which portrays the mayor sporting a yellow bikini, is backed by a crowdfunded campaign organized after a “Trump Baby” blimp flew over protests during President Donald Trump’s visit to London in July, the BBC reports.

It’s a shame they went for this “bikini” model, even after famed blimp designer Ben Garrison went to the trouble of creating a far superior alternative.

Khan’s infantilizing inflatable is similarly intended “to demonstrate our unhappiness with [Khan],” the campaign organizer wrote, and to “see if FREE SPEECH applies to all.”


It would actually have been an even greater propaganda victory if Khan had denied permission for it. Then the reality of the Islamic occupation government of Britain would have been laid bare for the world to see.

The campaign added that any surplus funds would be dedicated to efforts to unseat Khan and “for defending free speech which is constantly under attack.” At time of writing, it had raised £59,382 ($77,264).

Free speech? In the UK?

That ship sailed a long time ago, Britcucks.

Even moderate figures like Tucker Carlson and Hannity are considered too edgy in the UK, and have been censored.

Free speech is already explicitly illegal in your country by this point. So you have some much more pressing matters to attend to if you want to take your country back…

Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants, was elected London’s first Muslim mayor in May 2016.

…Matters like the fact that you’re literally ruled over by Pakis.

The balloon’s design is also a reference to a controversial “Beach Body Ready” advertisement in London Tube stations, which Khan banned in 2016, saying the image “can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies.”

Wew. Ban this now.

Lol. A Moslem complaining about “body-shaming” women. I guess his solution would be to just force all women to wear garbage bags.

Well, I gotta hand it to Moslems, that does make fat women more tolerable to look at. I once worked at a business where a burka’d bitch came to. I thought it was creepy as hell. But then I asked for her ID before completing her request, and saw her picture. I was suddenly immensely grateful for the burka.

In any case, I hope Sadiq Khan is thoroughly humiliated by this blimp activism, and that this sows the seeds to his eventual overthrow.