UK: Brutal Diversity Brawl at Fast Food Restaurant After Woman is Hit With Mayonnaise

Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

Shitty video edit but it shows the footage without blurring their faces.

Diversity has enriched the United Kingdom so much that some parts are literally pure diversity. No Britons around. Just diversity.

Vibrant, violent diversity.

Fox News:

A brutal brawl ensued after a woman was hit with a side of mayonnaise at a fast-food restaurant in England, prompting two men at a nearby table to get involved.

The incident, which took place around 10:35 p.m. on Thursday, started when the woman was reportedly arguing with the man who threw the sauce. After hurling the condiment, he casually walked downstairs.

Once the man is gone, two men at a nearby table get up and begin to kick and punch a man seated with the two women.

One of the assaulters begins punching and kneeing the man in the face as he tries to defend himself. The women are seen standing back during the physical altercation.

At one point, the men stop beating up the person who is seated and he flees downstairs as the two wipe themselves off with paper towels.

For some reason, the beaten man returns and rushes one of the attackers, but is quickly thrown into a table. Once on the floor, the men – joined by a third friend – begin kicking and punching him while he curls up on the ground.

The incident was reportedly not filed with police and no arrests have been made.

The police there is quick to arrest thought criminals but slow to arrest real criminals, and that’s by design. If they arrested real criminals, the United Kingdom would lose all of its diversity very quickly, which would result in them getting so weak that they’d be instantly conquered by anyone, because as we all know, diversity is their strength.

This brown brawl stuff isn’t even a strange occurrence there.

That’s also from a Pepe’s Piri Piri shop.

Notice the skin color.

It could be that Pepe’s Piri Piri shops are charged with negative energy that enrages civilized brown.

Or maybe browns are just violent monkey creatures, you know?

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