UK: Burger Chain Accused of Racism Towards Pugs

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2018

There is a sickness stirring in the heart of the United Kingdom.

No, it’s not that the entire island is a free range Islamic rape pen in which tens of thousands of white schoolgirls are groomed for sex by inbred Pakis. No, it’s not that the nation is governed by blackmailed pedophiles who support the Kalergi Plan in the hope that the Mossad won’t release videos of them buggering small children as part of their initiation rites.

I’m talking about something much, much worse than that.

I’m talking about pugphobia.


A hip burger chain was accused of ‘racism’ for saying they didn’t like pugs.

Solita in Manchester has been flooded with one-star reviews on Facebook and Tripadvisor, after they posted a pet photo competition online.

‘It’s been ages since we had a Sunday night pet photo comp…’ the post said. ‘Usual rules apply, best pic of your pet. No pugs, rabbits or rats (we don’t like them). Best pic wins lunch for two.’

Little did they know that this would unleash a barrage of complaints, with almost 500 one-star reviews on Facebook alone.

The scene of the crime.

Racism against rabbits and rats is bad enough. But racism against a specific breed of pupper?

This is probably the single worst act of discrimination that has ever occurred in Manchester. It’s even worse than the time that Arabian gentleman bombed the city’s stadium and a bunch of Internet trolls blamed him for it just because terrorism is part and parcel of his religion.

Look: all dogs are equal, just as all humans are equal.

To imply that this:

Is more photogenic than this:

Is like saying that this:

Is more photogenic than this:

Which is simply not true, as countless Jewish studies have proven.

‘It wasn’t our intention to offend any person or animal, and we apologise wholeheartedly if we have upset anyone.

‘However, we believe that leaving one-star reviews to a business that employs 200 local people is unfair.

‘Solita is an inclusive restaurant group and welcomes all pet owners.

Sorry guys, but the damage is done. My pug already tried to commit suicide after reading about your vicious attack on his kind. Thankfully, I managed to pull the chocolate bar out of his mouth moments before he could swallow it.

I got lucky.

The other pug owner on my street?

Not so lucky.

Under normal circumstances, this restaurant would be investigated for hate crimes. Fortunately for the owner, however, most of the Manchester police force were attending the city’s latest LGBT pride parade, so weren’t available to arrest him for thinking that discrimination is still acceptable in Her Majesty’s royal caliphate.

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