UK: Childless Hag Theresa May Facing Leadership Challenge Over Brexit

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

tfw you try to destroy Britain but people get angry and impeach you.

There was never any real doubt that if Brexit was left in the hands of someone like Theresa May, it would just be a scam and nothing would change.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened.

The Brexit deal being negotiated is billed as “soft Brexit,” which is to say that the UK would still be closely tied to Brussels at every level.

In other words, a total betrayal of the British people.

Well, things might not go so smoothly for these traitors.


Letters are being lodged with Graham Brady, Chairman of the influential 1922 Committee, ahead of a Tory Party showdown on Monday.

The fallout comes amid mounting fury from disgruntled Conservative backbenchers following publication of Mrs May’s 12-point Brexit manifesto.

About damn time.

They should have protested long before, just over this bitch’s face. How can anyone stand their country being humiliated like this, by having this creature as their leader?

Leave MPs are furious at what they see as Mrs May’s caving in to demands from the Remain wing of the party to steer Britain towards a soft Brexit.

On Sunday, ITV’s Robert Peston tweeted: “Sources confirm letter calling for vote of confidence in @theresa_may leadership going in to @Graham_Brady, chair of 1922.

Ohhhhhh yeah!

If enough letters are received, it means May will be suspended from the leadership of the Conservative party and will have to struggle in a new leadership race.

“Tory Brexiters very unhappy – accuse PM of traducing those who voted to leave EU.

“This appears to be spontaneous, not corralled by ERG [European Research Groupo] & @Jacob_Rees_Mogg.”

Mrs May has been bracing herself for a backlash following her latest Brexit fudge.

The Prime Minister is set to address all 316 Tory MPs on Monday, but rebels would need 48 MPs to try launch a challenge.

If 48 letters are received by Mr Brady, Mrs May would be forced to stand down and fight a leadership contest.

However, Mrs May is said to be confident of facing down rebels plotting to oust her.

One aide told the Sunday Mirror: “Once it’s done, it’s done.”

It is reported that Eurosceptics are circulating a draft statement urging Mrs May to quit.

Mr Brady is believed to be six letters short of the required number of letters to trigger a vote, according to the Sunday Mirror.

New reports are saying that enough letters have been received now.

If this is true, then we’re in for a good time.

Among the frontrunners in any potential leadership challenge could be Mr Rees-Mog, who has slammed the Cabinet’s 12-point blueprint.

Whatever the case, the government seems to be in total disarray. A whole bunch of MPs have resigned in the past few hours:

May is also threatening to sack anyone who criticizes her treasonous “soft Brexit” plan.

During Friday’s summit, Mrs May restored cabinet collective responsibility as she bolstered her grip on rebellious Eurosceptics in her Cabinet.

Ministers speaking out against her ‘soft-Brexit strategy’ now face the sack.

Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, is demanding another election be called.

Corbyn, of course, would be a far better choice for Prime Minister than May. For one, he appears to genuinely be in favor of Brexit. Also, he supports gassing the kikes.

Interesting times are ahead for the UK.