UK: Climate Change to Bring Potato Holocaust, Might Have Also Killed Loch Ness Monster

Daily Stormer
February 7, 2018

Things are starting to get serious.


The UK’s Independent newspaper blamed “climate change” for lower potato yields in 2018 resulting in pommes frites one inch shorter on average as compared to prior years.

Tuesday’s article, titled “British chips shrink by an inch as climate change slashes potato yields,” cited an analysis by the Climate Coalition network and scientists at the University of Leeds who claim that rising global temperatures are causing diminishing crop production that will make British-grown produce “harder to find.”

Shouldn’t a warmer climate make agriculture in cold countries like Britain better instead of worse?

Nah, can’t happen, because climate change is bad by default.

Josh Gabbatiss, science correspondent for the Independent, wrote further that potato yields had been “slashed by a fifth” in England and Wales during 2018 and production of carrots and onions had suffered even more, falling by 30 percent and 40 percent respectively.

“To be able to enjoy our mash, chips or jackets for years to come, we need to take measures to tackle climate change urgently,” said Gareth Redmond-King, head of climate change at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

“If we don’t, then the impact on both growers and consumers is just one of the ways our lives will change in a world of climate breakdown,” he said.

If I lived in an open-air Moslem rape camp where people go to prison for saying that telling little boys to cut their dicks off and pretend they’re girls is bad, I think I’d pick any change in my way of life I can take, the more radical the better.

Potatoes were so much smaller this year because “extreme heatwaves robbed them of much-needed water over the summer months,” the article states, while adding that “climate change made this summer’s heatwave 30 times more likely.”

Some years are hotter, some years are colder, is that really so complicated?

Also, “30 times more likely” sounds very specific, considering science can barely get what the weather’s gonna be like tomorrow.

Not only has climate change intensified winter rainfall in recent decades, increasing the chances of major downpours, it may also “bring new pests and diseases to British shores” as a result of milder winters and warmer summers, the article asserts.

That’s already happening, and it’s not because of climate change but because of kikes, childless women and cucks.

And they’re gonna take a lot more than your chips.

In recent years, “climate change” has been blamed for countless ills, including everything from a slump in coffee production to devastating hurricanes to a drop in the population of Hawaiian monk seals to the decimation of migratory songbirds and even colder winters.

Anthropogenic climate change — the idea that human emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are significantly driving global temperatures upwards — has become the scapegoat for problems ranging from the mass deaths of reindeer to the creation of “ghost forests” along the U.S. Atlantic seaboard.

That’s probably why “climate change” is a problem in the first place – because it’s something vague and unprovable that you can scapegoat for basically anything.

Think of hurricane Katrina, where a lot of niggers – and some humans – died supposedly because of climate change, when the real reason was that the place was filled with monkeypeople who did everything you’d expect them to do the minute Whitey took off the leash.

And they’ve been talking about “climate refugees” for over a decade now, hundreds of millions of them who will all have to move to Sweden because refrigerators are somehow causing catastrophes in their countries – catastrophes that, for some weird unexplained reason only happen in places that were already shitholes.

Last year, Stevie Wonder said that climate change had caused the cancer that killed legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin in August, while suggesting that climate change skeptics share the responsibility for her death.

I wish that were true…

In 2008, veteran Loch Ness monster hunter Robert Rines gave up his search for Nessie after 37 years.

Abandoning his quest at the age of 85, Mr. Rines said that the trail had gone cold and he believed that the monster had probably been killed by global warming.

Yeah, sure… You were hot on the trail for 37 years, but then all of a sudden someone, somewhere plugged in a new refrigerator and KAPOW – dead dino.

Politicians are not above blaming world problems on global warming, either.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama famously said that climate change was partially to blame for the rise of Islamic terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria as well as Syria’s civil war.

Boko Haram is just niggers killing each other like they always have and always will, and Syria’s civil war started because the Mossad and the CIA started funding terrorist organizations to destabilize Israel’s enemies in the Middle Earth East.

Neither of those things have anything to do with climate change.

The climate is changing, like it always has, but it is not affected by man – at least not to a significant degree – and the only way a significant change in global temperatures could become catastrophic is if you use it as an excuse to flood your country with monkeypeople.