UK: Deadly Black Doctor Allowed to Continue Practicing

Daily Stormer
May 11, 2014

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Jim Hughes died in excruciating pain from a torn bowel, after a routine knee operation that was carried out by a Black doctor.

How many times do we hear about how the NHS would fall apart without all those wonderful foreign doctors willing to neglect their own countries to come over here and treat us undeserving Whites? Or how our racist medical tests discriminate against them by failing to pass them when they don’t make the standard or cannot speak English?

We never hear about the many deaths that these substandard doctors cause through incompetence and language difficulties. But what is worse than this is that even when these killer doctors do get identified, they are not struck off, but encouraged to just move somewhere else and start practicing again.

Doctor David Sellu’s tribunal ended without even hearing the case. He had already been found guilty by the Law courts, yet was allowed to continue practicing.

From Court News:

A killer surgeon whose negligence contributed to the death of a father-of-six more than four years ago is still able to work after a tribunal ended in farce.

Cosultant David Sellu was jailed for two-and-a-half years in November for the gross negligence manslaughter of 66-year-old James Hughes, who died after suffering an explained tear to his bowel following a routine knee operation.

The 67-year-old surgeon was facing being struck off at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester this week, but the hearing ended without even opening the case after three days of legal wrangling.

The fitness to practise panel heard that Sellu hopes to appeal his conviction and return to ‘part-time or teaching’ work in the future, although he has still not lodged papers six months after the guilty verdict.

Now, now, Mr Kenyan Doctor, you know you need more than just a White face to pass the medical exam.

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