UK Denies Asylum to Christian Convert; Says Christianity Too Violent to Let In

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

This has to be a joke.

Every day I’m writing about some weird Orwellian shit coming out of the UK.

And it keeps getting weirder and weirder.


The UK Home Office has refused asylum to an Iranian convert, saying that Christianity is not as ‘peaceful’ as he claims. It even cited Bible verses to support its position. Now the Church of England is stepping in.

The letter from the Home Office now making the rounds on social media uses out of context Bible verses from books like Revelations to disprove the Iranian national’s claim in his 2016 asylum request that he abandoned Islam and converted based on the peaceful nature of Christianity.

The letter describes the Bible as being “filled with imagery of revenge, destruction, death and violence,” and therefore “inconsistent” with the asylum-seeker’s claim that Christianity is peaceful “as opposed to Islam.”

Nathan Stevens, the asylum-seeker’s caseworker, tweeted an image of the rejection letter, stating he was “genuinely shocked” to read such “unbelievably offensive diatribe.”

Did a Muzzie write this?

Look at this:


So this seems to be what happened: this Iranian tried to make the case that he converted to Christianity because he preferred it to Islam and he ended up being referred to some Paki caseworker who took personal offense to his conversion and denied him asylum in the UK.

Like, how clueless about the state of the West do you have to be to try this?

He would have been better off just being himself – an unrepentant Muzzie trying to get into the UK to rape little kiddies and sell kebab… made out of raped kiddie corpses

When all’s said and done though, one more kebab was denied entry into the UK, so this story has a happy ending. Boomers are going to work themselves up into a moral frenzy though… and they should, because why is some anti-Christian making decisions about who gets into the UK or not? But, of course, knowing most Boomers, they’re going to start advocating for more CHRISTIAN refugees from Africa to flood into the UK to really stick it to the Moslems.

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