UK: Dictionary Definition of “Woman” is Now Hate Speech

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018

This is some hard-core hate speech right there.

When kikes push for “hate speech” laws in places that don’t already have them, such as the United States, they claim that it’ll only restrict people from advocating violence or whatever.

Of course, that’s a dirty Jew lie.

“Hate speech” is a completely meaningless and amorphous term that will always constantly expand in scope.

In Britain, “hate speech” is already such a broad scope that it includes large swathes of objective reality – and now parts of the dictionary itself as well.

I guess this should be banned as “hate literature,” then?


A poster simply featuring the dictionary definition of “woman” has been removed after a man claimed it could “make transgender people feel unsafe”.

The poster, put up in the city of Liverpool close to the Labour Party conference venue featured only six words taken from the Google dictionary: “Woman, women, noun, adult human female.”

It was up for a week before Adrian Harrop, Twitter activist and NHS doctor, claimed online that the definition amounts to an attack on the transgendered that could endanger them.

He contacted the chief executive and senior directors of the billboard company, Primesight, on Twitter, claiming they were complicit “in the spread of transphobic hate speech”.

“My very existence is hateful. Uwah!”

Oh, Britain.

Your transition to a 1984-style totalitarian police state is happening so fast, it’s making the world’s head spin.

The firm responded swiftly, insisting it should not have been put up and promising to have the poster censored.

In a statement issued online, Primesight said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were unaware of the motive behind this campaign which was placed through our online automated booking system.

At first glance, this copy did not raise a red flag the way it should have done. Hands up, we have been misled by this campaign’s messaging.

Thanks to you, this campaign has been halted and the posters will be removed from our billboards as soon as possible.

“As you pointed out, we are proud to support the LGBT+ community and remain fully committed to equality for all.”

Primesight is a corporation, however you can be sure that the government would have removed it as well. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the state prosecutes the people who put up this billboard ad for hate speech violations.

“Off to bloody jail you go, the lot of ya.”

“Thank you Primesight,” Mr Harrop replied. “This is the right decision, and I thank you personally for your rapid response so our concerns [sic].

“You are truly a fantastic ally and supporter of the #LGBTQ+ community, and this will not be forgotten.”

Responding to the furore right-wing Tory MP Nadine Dorries joked on Twitter: “I am a woman. ‘Women, noun, adult human female.’ Come and get me, Twitter activists.”

She added: “A Twitter activist had a poster stating the above removed, citing hate speech as the reason.”

Standing for Women, the feminist group behind the poster, have since released a statement on their website about the incident, writing:

“As you may have read the billboard has been deemed transphobic and is being removed in an act of grotesque misogynistic rage, we are seeking legal advice and will make a full statement in due course.”

Twitter has now suspended the group’s account.


First they came for the neon-Nazis… And they said nothing because they’re not neon-Nazis.

Then they came for the conspiracy theorists.

And then for the Hollywood actors.

And finally, they’re coming for the feminists.

I guess these sluts should have stood up for the Stormer when they still had a chance, huh? Ehhh….

It seems like trannies are now at the supreme top of the oppression hierarchy, and any group who dares question the holy truth that men who dress like women are indistinguishable from biological women will be persecuted by the state and by corporations alike.

Not to mention the PC police.

White women are going to have to realize that their era of privilege is over – they’re now third-tier citizens, just barely above White men.