UK: Diverse-Skinned Drug Dealers are Targetting Students at Top Universities

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2019

Driver of £50,000 Mercedes that arrived after a Daily Mail reporter rang the number on a business card for “Rico.”

Who said diversity wasn’t a strength? Thanks to diversity, these diverse-skinned gentlemen can get their life in order and make some money for their diverse-skinned families by selling drugs to white British university students.

This is just one example of the wonders of diversity.

Daily Mail:

Ruthless drug dealers are targeting vulnerable young students at some of Britain’s top universities by brazenly handing out professional business cards on campuses – while police appear to turn a blind eye.

Students, many of whom are living away from home for the first time, are given instant access to Class A drugs – including cocaine, MDMA and ketamine – simply by calling mobile phone numbers printed on slick flyers.

A disturbing Mail on Sunday investigation at four of Britain’s leading universities found:

Shameless dealers offering free samples of drugs stapled to the back of business cards;
‘Buy One Get One Free’ deals on Class A drugs that have killed scores of students;
Claims that police take no action.

Our troubling probe comes after a recent survey found 62 per cent of students thought that their university should take ‘a stronger line’ on ‘students who repeatedly use drugs’.

Another survey found 56 per cent of students have admitted to taking drugs, but the National Union of Students last year called on universities not to inform police about students caught using illegal substances to avoid them getting a criminal record.

The Mail on Sunday was alerted to the sinister presence of brazen drug dealers handing out their business cards to students at the University of Leeds, the University of Manchester, the University of Nottingham, and Queen Mary University of London.

Whoa there Daily Mail, the “sinister” presence of drug dealers? What are you? Some kind of Nazi?

Drugs are great man, didn’t you know? They come from mother nature and plants and stuff and they like open up your mind and like let you have thoughts and see stuff and feel stuff, man, you get what I’m saying? Just feel a little.

Ignore those racist science studies that say that smoking marijuana is like causing damage and stuff to young people’s brains. Marijuana is good, and marijuana comes from nature, so if marijuana is good and comes from nature, other drugs are also good because they also come from nature even when they don’t come from nature, because drugs are made by people and we all come from nature, so everything comes from nature.

It comes after students told this newspaper they had been handed flyers by drug dealers at events during Freshers’ Week at the start of the academic year.

The cards obtained by this newspaper are often disguised as offering legitimate services, such as catering and fitness training.

But when they are handed out to students by the dealers they are told that if they call the phone number printed they can buy drugs that can be delivered within minutes. One card with an image of a balloon simply advertised ‘party essentials’. Another offered a ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ deal on Tuesdays.

Pretty bold, huh? In Clown World’s countries, drug dealers openly hand out their business cards to college students, and all of this is possible thanks to Hitler having been defeated.

Students say dealers feel emboldened after Manchester student Toby Walkland last year avoided jail despite being caught with more than 100 Ecstasy and psychedelic 2-CB tablets worth £3,000 in his accommodation.

One student said: ‘I think it is just a matter of time before they start handing them out before lectures. It shows how little police presence there is in Manchester, and the confidence this has given criminals.

Oh come on man, it’s not that police have little presence there in Manchester, it’s that police are not racists. Have you seen the skin color of these guys?

Those are diverse-skinned people, and there is no place for racism against diverse-skinned people in the United Kingdom.

The Manchester police not acting is actually them acting correctly.

This is progress.