UK: Ex-Policeman Admits That London’s Terrorist Mayor has No Plan to Tackle Crime Epidemic

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2018

The London of 2018 seems to be most heavily shaped by three prominent subversives: Sajid Javid, the terrorist Home Secretary responsible for immigration into the UK; Sadiq Khan, the terrorist mayor responsible for (((integrating))) Javid’s immigrants into the city; and Cressida Dick, the lesbian Met Commissioner responsible for prosecuting Britons who speak out against Javid and Khan’s anti-white agenda.

Of this unholy trio, Sadiq Khan is by far the most incompetent. This little Paki was clearly daydreaming when his imam taught the class about taqiyya (the Islamic art of deception for the purpose of conquest), because he’s barely tried to hide the fact that he’s a foreign agent working to unravel the tapestry of British identity.

Khan is in the news again this week. This time, an ex-officer of the Met Police – the same Met now headed by that filthy dyke – has come out and admitted that Khan’s plan for dealing with London’s crime wave can basically be summarized as “idk lol.”


Sadiq Khan has no “coherent strategy” to tackle violent crime in London, a retired senior Scotland Yard officer who used to advise him claimed today.

In a scathing attack, former Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan accused the Mayor of adopting an “enforcement approach” and failing to properly build trust with communities.

Yup, even the ex-policeman is colored.

He said: “The results speak for themselves, he is failing and unfortunately there are young people dying on the street because of that.”

So far this year, more than 100 homicide investigations have been launched. Yesterday a 22-year-old man, named locally as Ismail Tanrikulu, was found shot dead in a Tottenham cemetery. Mr Logan, a former chairman of the Black Police Association Charitable Trust, said he had advised the Mayor on crime policy in the run-up to his election in May 2016.

He said: “I made it clear to Sadiq that his agenda needed to be citizen-focused and the Met had to be accountable. I made it clear you cannot stop-and-search or arrest your way out of the problem; you have to have a partnership approach. But as soon as he was in office he turned his back on a lot of that.”

Khan isn’t exactly “failing” the city. As enemy of the West, his sole purpose is to terraform London into a Third World warzone in which native whites are victimized and, ultimately, driven out of their own city by roaming gangs of colorfuls. If London is getting more dangerous for whites – which it most certainly is – then Khan is achieving his goal.

His failure lies in his careless approach to that goal, which has made him the most despised person in the UK and whose actions have undoubtedly converted millions of Britons to nationalism. After all, this is the same brown hobgoblin who said that terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city” and who, even as far back as 2002, was defending literal Islamic terrorists during his much-publicized stint as a “civil rights” lawyer.

The bitter black pill here, of course, is that Khan’s incompetence and carelessness don’t even matter if the British public – including the nationalists – refuse to put up at least some kind of resistance to him and the rest of his ilk.

And there hasn’t been too much of that so far…

Well, other than the balloon.