UK: Families Ordered to Remove Paddling Pool to Prevent Burglars from Drowning

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

Yeah, this sort of thing isn’t new.

Germany condemns you for questioning whether Hitler gassed six million Jews in fake shower rooms. Sweden condemns you for pissing while standing up like some undignified barbarian.

But Britain…

Britain is the only country that condemns you for leaving your home inaccessible to people who want your iPhone X.


Neighbours have been ordered to remove a paddling pool in their communal garden as they were allegedly told burglars may drown in it.

Maria Young and her friends who live in the same block of flats clubbed together and bought the 12 foot pool and cover for £64 during the recent heatwave.

But officials reportedly told them it either must go, or have to be emptied every night.

The company MHS Homes, which manages the properties in Strood, Kent, said the paddling pool is not safe.

Mrs Young, 47, said: ‘They said if someone breaks in they might drown in the pool.

‘I don’t understand. People in other places are allowed them in their community gardens.

‘A team of them came and said initially we’d have to get rid of it. They then changed their mind and said we had to put it down each night for health and safety issues.’

Like most regulations in Britain, this is probably intended to protect colored gentlemen.

Specifically, niggers.

Because only niggers flail around like electrified spastics (then drown) after falling into a shallow pool of water. White burglars are simply going to mutter “bollocks!” and get out, more concerned with having alerted someone to their presence.

This (((rental company))) knows who it’s protecting!

The problem arouse when a security gate to the shared garden broke, which meant people from outside could easily get inside the back area of the flats.

Colette McKenney, housing manager of MHS Homes, said the firm had to ‘be sure that everyone who has access to that land is safe’.

At this point, Bonglanders need to accept the fact that it’s functionally illegal to be a law-abiding, heterosexual white person in their country.

Here’s how the system works: the British government grants normal white people temporary “legal” status provided that they keep their mouths shut in the face of treason. If they’re good at keeping quiet, that legal status is renewed. If they don’t keep quiet, they go to prison, as Tommy Robinson, Jez Turner, Joshua Bonehill, etc. learned the hard way.

The UK is one big 93,628 mi² meme.