UK: Fat-Shaming Police Forces Mother to Spit Out Mini Cheddars, Screams at Her Face

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2019

It was about time someone violently forced these whores to spit out the shit they put inside their mouths.


A mum has claimed she was forced to spit out a mouthful of Mini Cheddars after police accused her smuggling heroin.

Katherine Oliver, 43, was driving home from Tesco when she pulled over briefly to grab a bag of the mini biscuits for the rest of the journey.

She was still eating the cheesy snack when she claims two unmarked police cars blocked her car as she pulled into her driveway.

The private care worker, from Southport, Merseyside, says the officers opened her door, grabbed her face and ‘screamed’ at her to spit out whatever was in her mouth.

‘My mouth was literally bulging with Mini Cheddars and an officer was screaming,’ she told the Sunday Mirror.

‘He was saying, “what’s in your mouth, what’s in your mouth”, and I was struggling to say “Mini Cheddars, Mini Cheddars” through the mouthful.’

Katherine says the officer then grabbed her face and ‘squeezed’ before forcing her to spit out the ‘congealed cheddars’ into her hands.

‘He said, “Is that a bag of brown?” and I said “no”,’ she said.

‘I had to spit the cheddars out in my palm and show him and even then he said get out of the car. They made me feel like scum.’

Oh, but she is scum. You are what you eat, and she was eating scum.

Look. You shouldn’t eat the kind of shit this whore was eating. You shouldn’t eat shit period. But you probably like some shit comestibles, like most people. Who doesn’t like chocolate, for instance? Even when you go for the 90%+ cocoa ones, they still have a bit of sugar in there.

You should get your diet in order to avoid craving shit “foods” that are actually empty calories, and once in a while, sure, you could fall for it. You could succumb to temptation and eat it. Get your mouth full of chocolate, chew it, don’t even wait until it melts, just chew it. Eat until you’re disgusted by the thought of chocolate. Eat until you’re disgusted by what you just did. Eat until you’re disgusted by your weakness.


Good. Now you’re exiled. Congratulations. You’ll have to redeem yourself through discipline, healthy eating, and exercise.

Use your moments of weakness to remind you why you need to be strong, why you need to increase your strength, and why you need to keep fighting.

Redeem yourself.

Always keep fighting.

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