UK: French Au Pair Tortured, Murdered and Burned by Sandnigger Couple

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2018

Standard female situation the glorious United Kingdom.


A couple who tortured their French au pair before burning her body in their garden have been convicted of her murder. Why did Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni kill 21-year-old Sophie Lionnet?

As a motive for murder, it is bizarre beyond belief.

Kouider, 35, suspected her former boyfriend Mark Walton, a founding member of the Irish pop group Boyzone, was having an affair with her young au pair.

The Old Bailey heard how she and 40-year-old Medouni applied “pressure and relentless intimidation” on Miss Lionnet to admit being in a sexual relationship with Mr Walton.

They insisted their young au pair had helped him come to the couple’s home in the London suburb of Southfields to drug and sexually abuse the occupants.

Hours of footage recorded by Kouider and Medouni over several months showed a terrified Miss Lionnet also being accused of being a paedophile and a spy.

Threatened with rape, prison and more violence, she eventually made a confession to having an affair with Mr Walton – a man who told the couple’s trial that she’d never even met.

Soon after she was dead.

The story continues with some more details of how the girl was shy and how she was beaten and intimidated.

Oh, and they burnt her corpse:

In reality, the abuse had been going on for some time. The videos of the couple’s interrogations of her showed the 21-year-old becoming thinner over the months.

It was only after it was too late that the alarm would be raised, albeit inadvertently, by neighbours who called 999 over a foul-smelling fire in the garden.

Thomas Hunt, one of the first firefighters on the scene, soon realised a body had been burnt when he spotted a nose and fingers in the remnants of the fire, as well as clothes and jewellery.

I really hate modern women.

They have never, ever experienced anything resembling reality. They live in a la-la land. They think it’s a good idea to go abroad and be an “au pair” for a couple of sandniggers.

If you read the full article, you’ll notice one glaring omission: the dead french nanny girl doesn’t seem to have a father in the picture.


It’s just her aunt talking about what a “pearl” her darling dead niece was. But no dad. Probably chased off by psycho-bitch mom.

Women ruined Europe.

Things got so peaceful that they simply did away with men. They thought that they would have the police and the government to rely on if worse came to worse. They thought it was okay to send their young daughters to live on their own abroad with complete strangers. Instead of having big families with lots of boys, they decided to stop with one daughter instead. Then they let foreigners in and watched their coddled children get raped and murdered.

They honestly all deserve to burn in hell.

The sandniggers, the parents – pretty much everyone involved in this sordid affair. 

Let this be yet another reason to have a large family. With dad and the sons, you have your own mini-army at your disposal to defend your hearth and home. If you raise a single daughter and get rid of pops, you’re basically throwing yourself to the wolves.

But who am I kidding?

Modern women can’t understand even the most basic shit like this anymore.