UK: Got a Loicense For That Bike M8?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2018

I had always heard that the English had a proud law tradition.

Is this perhaps the underlying impulse that drives modern UKanistanis to legislate everything?


A school in South London, U.K., has introduced a new rule for bike-riding students that requires all bicycles to be fitted with a license plate.

Stanley Park High school, in Carshalton, believes license plates will make it safer for children riding to school and easier for members of the community to report bad behaviour. Beginning Mpnday, students must display a school-issued license plate on their bikes.

According to a headmasters bulletin on the school’s website, the scheme will “promote cycling. Safety issues will be central to our scheme, including visibility, road awareness and bike maintenance,” school headmaster Amit Amin said. “Workshops will be offered to students, and subsidised equipment such as cycle lights will be made available.

“We were informed last week that one of our students was involved in a collision between their bicycle and a car, fortunately one which did not involve injury—but this has been a timely reminder that action is necessary.”

It’s funny.

In America, people on the West Coast are more shitlib in general attitudes, but they are much more lenient about enforcing shitlib orthodoxy in a social context.

People on the East Coast, however, are very… puritan when it comes to enforcing standards and norms of behavior. Even though they’re not all, “let it hang out, brah – 420 blaze it!” in their morals.

So you have a paradox. The West Coast will be more liberal, but less interested in enforcing liberal Orthodoxy, which always translated into me having a much easier time getting along with West Coasters, even if they were hardcore hippy degenerates.

Funny how that works.

It’s interesting to see these little peculiarities and tendencies of a people peek out from time to time. After I got red-pilled, I started seeing the malign hand of Jewry in everything. But now I see layers. Like, for example, I see how German orderliness and conformity is layered over with the kike agenda, used and manipulated against them to destroy them.

The same way I see the inborn UKstani desire to try and legally work things out being subverted by kikes to create an over-legislated hell-hole where you’ll need to have your papers and loisenses in order to even draw breath.

In October, a survey of 2,000 people in the UK found that license plates for bicycles were backed by 59 percent of respondents, according to The Independent. But plans stalled when the idea was met by backlash from Edmund King, the president of the Automobile Association (AA), and Cycling UK.

Told ya!

And it’s not just the Anglos.

French love for haut-couture subverted to make them snobs who believe civilizational suicide is chic and avante-garde.

Swedish striving for cultural relevancy subverted to make them a self-destructing “humanitarian superpower.”

Russian blase disregard for life and death subverted to make them self-harming and nihilistic.

I could go on.

But seriously.

This is pretty funny. The “you got a loisense for that m8” meme is really delivering.

Who knows what else will end up getting loisensed in the UK soon?