UK Government Bans Nigel Farage from Meeting Donald Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2018

What right does the UK government have to tell anyone not to meet anyone else?

They really have turned this country into a dystopian nightmare.


Nigel Farage has responded to reports that Downing Street has banned him from meeting US President Donald Trump by saying the claims are “undoubtedly true” as the government “hates me.”

An unnamed source close to the former United Kingdom Independence Party leader (UKIP) told the Telegraph on Tuesday the ban was a “red line [issue] for 10 Downing Street” in talks about Trump’s visit.

The Republican leader – who Farage once amicably described as a big silverback gorilla – will land at Stansted airport on Thursday July 12 for a three-day visit to the UK, where he will meet Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen.

Farage said he has been told that the government has made it clear it does not want a meeting between the duo to go ahead “through normal protocol channels.”

He said: “I understand that through the normal protocol channels established between [the countries] ahead of a visit that they are very keen – almost paranoid I was told – that he [Trump] doesn’t meet me,” the Telegraph reports.

Downing Street has rejected the claims, saying it was “not even aware of a meeting being requested”, adding that “either way we are not trying to stop one.”

The US embassy in London has declined to comment, while it is understood the White House has not yet raised the issue.

Talking on LBC, Farage once again rebuked the government for failing to use him as an intermediary between the White House and Number 10.

Trump should make an issue out of this.

He should say he’ll go ahead and meet the queen, but if he’s not allowed to talk to Nigel, he’s not interested in talking to Theresa.

Honestly, I don’t know why he would go to the UK at all, unless it was to talk to Nigel. The authorities of this government have made it clear that they hate him. And they just did yet another fake chemical attack to try to disrupt his upcoming meeting with Putin.

The May government is a hostile enemy to America, and is literally engaging in false flag terrorism to attempt to influence our state policy. That’s a whole helluva lot more than any Russian ever did – even if they did post those shitty memes on Facebook.

Doing a chemical attack on your own citizens in order to interfere with the diplomatic affairs of an allegedly allied nation is at the very least a rude action. And many people would certainly consider it an act of war.

Conversely, nuking London would not be an act of war against Britain – because no British people live there.

So that might be a good compromise response to send a clear signal that Theresa should stop doing false flag terrorism to harm the US without outright engaging in a war with Britain.


If you’re going to go do this little show, please make some snide comment about these chemical attacks. Everyone knows they’re fake, you surely do.

At the very least, give a shoutout to our boy Tommy.