UK Government Calls on Facebook to Ban Vaccine Skepticism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2018

Because “not enough censorship” is being blamed for the recent financial collapses of Facebook and Twitter, everyone who wants people banned is going nuts with demands.

As I’ve said: Alex Jones blames too much censorship. I think it’s an unrelated thing, with these companies just generally having been overvalued.

But I’m certain the thing is not “not enough censorship.” Normal people do not stop using websites because they don’t have enough censorship. Even shitlibs don’t do that.

The Telegraph:

Facebook is putting children’s lives at risk by reviving spurious MMR claims, the UK’s top health chiefs have said.

The anti-vaccination sites which promote the fake science that caused a surge in measles cases as well as conspiracy theories about other vaccines appear at the top of searches when parents use Facebook to find information about the MMR vaccine or other vaccinations.

Andrew Wakefield, the discredited doctor behind the fraudulent research linking the MMR vaccine to autism, features prominently on the sites with his film Vaxxed in which he accuses the US government’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of a cover-up over the risks.

Unlike Google, which filters out anti-vaccination sites to promote guidance from the NHS, government or World Health Organisation, Facebook’s searches appear to be based solely on their most popular and active sites irrespective of whether they are peddling false information. The biggest anti-vaccination sites have more than 100,000 followers.

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair of the Royal College of GPs, said it was “deeply concerning” that Facebook was carrying posts that spread “false and frankly dangerous ideas” about not just MMR but other vaccination programmes.

I’m personally skeptical of the vaccine-autism link. At least in terms of the MMR.

However, I’m also skeptical of the claim that there is a surge in measles cases because people are not giving the MMR to their kids. I would be much more inclined that would have to do with immigration. That said, measles is not even a deadly disease, so I don’t get what the big thing is either way.

Regarding the Tism

As far as autism generally, we know that it is being caused by something environmental, and we know that the governments of the West have no interest whatsoever in figuring out what is causing it. This is similar to the testosterone drop issue. It’s a massive health crisis which isn’t being investigated. Instead, we’re spending trillions on AIDS research.

This autism situation is out of control.


The MMR vaccine has been pretty well mandatory since 1971. So even while I don’t think it is necessary, and the reason these are not a problem is more due to increased sanitation conditions and treatments than the vaccine itself, I don’t think that is the cause.

They have added all these other vaccines.

I think that needs to be looked into. What are these new vaccines? What are the arguments for them?

Seems at first glance like a big pharma racket.

I certainly would not give my own children many if any of these vaccines.


I think autism is much more likely caused by plastics and other petrochemicals in the environment. It could also be related to various other medications which are in our water system now.

A big study was done last year linking BPA (a xenoestrogen poison in plastic and many, many other industrial products) to autism spectrum disorder. They concluded an urgent need to remove this from our environment.


There is concern that BPA exposure may influence human brain development and may contribute to the increasing prevalence of neurodevelopmental and behavioural problems. Epigenetic mechanisms are suggested by a mouse study that demonstrated that BPA exposure during gestation had long lasting, transgenerational effects on social recognition. Previous epidemiological studies suggested a relationship between maternal BPA exposure and ASD. A recent study of 46 children with ASD and 52 controls found for the first time a direct association between children with ASD and BPA exposure and demonstrated that BPA is not metabolized well in children with ASD.

Finally, decreased serotonin transporter and serotonin receptor binding have been reported in both children and adults with autism. So, the link between BPA and autism could be a defect of the normal in utero or perinatal serotonergic system development. In France, BPA was banned in baby bottles in 2010 and in any food or beverage packaging since January 2015. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find safe alternatives in the use of BPA in the manufacture of industrial products.

There have been other such studies.

Exposure in the womb also just makes a lot more sense than the idea that vaccines given to toddlers are causing this serious mental disability.

I lean much more towards this than towards the vaccine theory, as the vaccine theory has simply not aged very well, and these people are still struggling to come up with hard scientific backing for these claims (at least with relation to the MMR – the other vaccines, I don’t know about).

That Said

We come back again to the question of democracy. Whether vaccines are causing autism or not, we are being told by the government that because we have democracy, every single individual is fully capable of making their own educated decisions.

If we are in a democracy, then people should be allowed to make their own decisions without having their information controlled by the government.

Of course, if we weren’t a democracy, then instead of trillions of dollars going into AIDS research while we allow corporations to poison us, we would be doing research into what is causing autism (as well as testosterone problems) and regulating the corporations that are poisoning us.

Then it wouldn’t matter what people were allowed to read on the internet.