UK: Heroic Niggers Beat Up Bong She-Cop as Londoners Look On in Approval

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2018

Get ready to laugh at some delicious irony.

Daily Mail:

This is the horrifying moment a policeman and his colleague are savagely beaten in a brutal attack on a south London street.

In mobile phone footage posted on Twitter two men can be seen punching and kicking the male and female officer as scores of people pass without intervening.


Those state-sponsored karate classes for oppressed minority youth aren’t seeming like such a great idea now, huh?

Other than the gloriousness of that kick, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

It is simply the police’s turn to be enriched. 

The shocking incident in Merton, south west London on Saturday night, saw the two male attackers wearing hoodies and dragging the policeman away from his patrol car and kicking him.

A policewoman can then be seen trying to pull them off her colleague but she fails as a man brutally kicks her to the ground.

Just imagine what was going through that woman’s head – “I’ll go save this man who is on the ground getting kicked by two other men by running towards the incident.”

The assault comes amid London’s violent crimewave, with the capital’s murder count reaching 122 so far this year over the weekend.  

Yeah, London sounds like a dangerous place.

Good thing the UK has increased the police budget on important things like Twitter policing, LGBTQ+ outreach, sensitivity training and (presumably) sharia patrol subsidies.

That’ll take care of the problem sooner or later.

The clip, recorded by a man in his car at 7.55pm on Saturday with music playing in the background, shows several people walk by without stopping to help the officers.

A bus also drives straight past the chaos without stopping to intervene.

Eventually, with the help of a heroic moped rider, the policeman manages to get the attacker off him and pins him down ready to arrest him.

The video was uploaded to Twitter alongside the caption: ‘South London at night.. Lol’. 

Lol indeed.

Can anyone explain to me why in the world any White Briton would help the police?

Do the UK police help the White Briton?


And should you ever feel even the slightest stirring of sympathy for these cops, I hope you keep it to yourself.

Commenting too harshly about this assault online might get you a knock on your door in the middle of the night… from the police, demanding to see your commenting license.

So, better to just keep on walking, citizen.

The filthy, treacherous and corrupt cops did this to themselves.

Let them reap their reward.