UK: High School Students to be Given “Fertility Lessons”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2019

I’ll admit I’m surprised that something like this is going to be a thing soon. Moslems in the United Kingdom are already reproducing like cockroaches, so this should mostly help improve white birthrates… in theory.

Daily Mail:

Secondary school pupils will be given occasional ‘fertility lessons’ to help address concerns that many are leaving it too late in life to try for a baby.

Teenagers will be taught when women are at their most fertile as part of the compulsory health education classes.

The lessons will highlight how a woman’s fertility tends to decrease after the age of 35 and will explain how ‘lifestyle factors’ such as age, obesity and drink can affect fertility.

Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, recently expressed concern about the ‘steady shift’ towards women postponing a family only to find they have left it too late.

Joyce Harper, of the Fertility Education Initiative, said: ‘The delay in starting a family increases every year. We need to be sure that young people are aware of their fertility and how to prepare to have a healthy family.’

Professor Geeta Nargund, of the IVF centre CREATE Fertility, said: ‘We should focus on preventing infertility, rather than rely on treatment all the time. This is about empowering young people with knowledge.

If implemented properly, the program could save countless sluts from wasting their whole lives and falling to Despair.

Women are brainwashed into imitating men and by the time the programming starts to fail and they realize they really do want to be mothers, it’s often too late. Very cruel. Very sad.

Also very stupid.

If women are supposed to be able to do both things, as they’re led to believe, why should they first “work on their careers” before becoming mothers? It doesn’t make sense.

Women should become mothers as soon as possible and have the number of kids they want to have, and once their kids are old enough, they can start thinking about joining the workforce, wearing suits, and peeing while standing.

If they start giving birth around 18, by the time they’re 36 their eldest will be around 18. They could join the workforce then and grandmas could look after the youngest ones while they’re at work. Except our retarded system doesn’t like to take “older people” with no experience into the workforce, and in many cases it asks for experience in order to get experience.

The system itself is designed to make white women avoid pregnancy. Brown and black women will have babies no matter what, because they live off of white people’s taxes and obviously don’t care about working.

We should start thinking about alternative systems because this current gay open-borders capitalism isn’t working for anyone but the Jews.

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