UK: Husband Suing Wife for Spending Cash on Son Who’s Not His Can’t Tell the Boy That He’s Not His Dad

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2019

Some judge ordered the cat to go along with it.

If a woman tells her kid that you are his dad, even if you figure out that you’re not the dad, you have to go along with it.


A man who has sued his unfaithful estranged wife after discovering that her eight-year-old son is not his has been barred from publicising the name of the father.

The man wants the woman to return ‘every penny’ he spent on the child he thought was his son but was fathered by someone she had an affair with.

He also wants damages to compensate for distress.

Can the woman even afford to pay him back though?

Money as “compensation” isn’t really going to give him a kid of his own to replace the one he thought he had, so if this scheming front-hole is fertile she should be forced to do the gestational surrogate womb thing to grow a son for the man — using the eggs of a woman of his choosing.

She tricked him into putting his time and wealth into a kid that isn’t his, so the least she can do as punishment is to spend the same amount of time growing kids that are really his.

The boy is 8 years old, so she should have a lot of pregnant time to look forward to.

A High Court judge has decided that the woman must tell her husband, and son, the name of the man she says is the father.

But Mr Justice Cohen has ordered the man not to publicise the other man’s name. The judge said the boy must not be told until the time was right.

He said a social worker would give advice and decide when the boy should be given the information.

The man and woman had argued over whether the boy should be told who his real father was. The man said he should be told. His estranged wife was against such a move.

The judge said the man had been devastated to learn that he was not the boy’s father and had launched a ‘raft’ of litigation.

He said the woman was ‘full of remorse’.

She’s full of remorse because she was found out. That is how it works with women. They don’t feel bad about what they do, they feel bad about other people’s reactions to what they do.

“Yeah, I lied, but why you gotta be so mean?”

It should come as no surprise that she’s against telling her son that daddy is not actually daddy and that mom is a lying cunt.

But the judge’s ruling makes sense.

The well-being and best interests of children must be protected above all, which is why this man can’t tell the imprinted duckling that he’s not his real dad, and also why our society injects little kids with hormone blockers to chemically castrate them while educating them about the benefits of physical castration so they’re able to make an informed decision about genital mutilation that will override their parents’ authority — at 8 years of age.