UK: Lesbian Couple Attacked by Pack of “Homophobic Teenagers” While on a Bus

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

Women just can’t stop taking pictures of themselves.

lol hey I just got beaten up, take a picture for my Instagram please!


Four teenagers have been arrested over a robbery and homophobic attack on a couple after they ‘refused to kiss’ while travelling on a bus, police said this evening.

Melania Geymonat, 28, from Uruguay, was with her American girlfriend Chris after an evening out in West Hampstead, London, when they were attacked at 2.30am on May 30.

Four males aged between 15-18 were arrested today on suspicion of robbery and aggravated GBH.

Melania, who lives in Bishop’s Stortford in Essex, said the pair decided to sit at the front on the top deck because they both enjoy the novelty of a double decker bus.

When a gang of young men behind them saw they were a couple, she claims they began to throw coins and started to demand they kiss while making crude sexual gestures.

She said: “They wanted us to kiss so they could watch us.

“I tried to defuse the situation as I’m not a confrontational person, telling them to please leave us alone as Chris wasn’t feeling well.”

The men allegedly began throwing things and the couple told them to stop.

The next thing I remember was Chris in the middle of them and they were beating her,” added Melania, who moved to the UK in February and is on a year’s sabbatical from her medical studies.

Sounds like MOSLEMS.

These lesbians should have just accepted the coins and performed some lesbian softcore porn show for the excited gang of youths.

“I didn’t think about it and went in. I was pulling her back and trying to defend her so they started beating me up.

I don’t even know if I was knocked unconscious.

“I felt blood, I was bleeding all over my clothes and all over the floor.

“We went downstairs and the police were there.”

If you don’t know whether you were knocked unconscious or not, you were knocked unconscious.

Unless you are a man listening to a woman, in which case your brain may choose to stop processing your surroundings for a bit as a protective mechanism against brain damage.

This man has been frozen in that position for the past 10 minutes.

Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn both condemned the attack.

And Mr Corbyn said: “We must not, and will not, accept this homophobic and misogynist violence in our society.

“Solidarity to Melania and Chris, and to all in the LGBT+ community for everything they endure for simply being who they are.”

There’s a bit of a conflict of interests there, Mr. Corbyn.

Violence against homosexuals is what MOSLEMS do. It is literally a part of their identity and mandated by their religion.

You can’t be welcoming of MOSLEMS without being welcoming of every aspect of being MOSLEM.

The United Kingdom is either a MOSLEM-friendly country or a faggot-friendly country.

There is no in-between.

Girls have to update their Instagram, you know?

What happened to these two lesbians is just the tip of the iceberg, and it will crush the faggot community under its weight once MOSLEMS are a majority.

Women and other so-called oppressed minorities should have chosen better allies against the evil white man.

They tried to fight the feeling of oppression by bringing in actual oppressors.

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