UK: London Experiences Rolling Blackouts! No Chimpouts Tho.

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2019

London decided to do a thought experiment.

What would happen if we started to become the Third World in more ways than just demography and neat diarrhea-inducing ethnic foods? What about importing some of that other, less mentioned cultural stuff as well?

Because everyone knows that you haven’t experienced the Third World until you’ve experienced the rolling blackouts as well.


Trains ground to a halt and traffic lights were knocked out after a suspected failure of the National Grid left a large area of London and the South East without power, creating transport mayhem during rush hour.

UK Power Networks, which controls the power lines for London and the South East, confirmed the outage shortly after 5pm on Friday, stating that the cut was likely caused by a “failure” of the National Grid’s network. Similar outages were also reported in the Midlands, South West, and Wales, where power lines are run by Western Power Distribution.

Tomorrow, we will no doubt hear about an unexpected surge in stabbings and robberies during the hours of the blackout.

But this is a good thought experiment for everyone, even internet racists. 

Just think about how fragile the whole Multi-Kulti situation in the West is. Without constant lights, constant monitoring of the situation, an underpaid police state force, modern medicine and constant regular supplies of food, energy, and people to Multi-Kulti cities, the whole thing will just collapse in one big glorious blackout followed by a chimpout.

The two go hand in hand.

This one happened during the daytime, so nothing of any interest occurred in the UK this time around. Meanwhile, the US is even more fragile because unlike in Europe, the infrastructure network is already Third World tier because of decades of lolberg-inspired neglect by the gubmint.

We’d have a Mad Max situation on our hands in no time at all. 

And it’s only a matter of time before partisans figure this out and start targeting key infrastructure, so it is crucial that you start holding tryouts for your #survivalsquad as soon as possible.

You’re gonna need your squad to watch your back and keep you safe from the roving enemy diversity squads that are in the process of chimping out.

We should all see London as a warning and a rehearsal of what to expect in the near future!